At what age at the child the temperament is shown

At what age at the child the temperament is shown

The attentive and loving parents day by day watching growth and development of the child will not pass the period of manifestation of temperament at the child at all and will surely consider this important point in the course of teaching and educational work with it.

Attention, temperament!

At early age it is possible to notice that one child differs from another not only visually – growth, weight, color of eyes. Children differ as temperament. The temperament is not gained with age, and is congenital feature of the person therefore it is difficult to change or correct it. But it is necessary to know temperament of the child - it will allow to understand correctly the kid and to reckon with his features.

The temperament is psychological characteristics of the person. At the newborn child the nervous system which specific features in the future will influence development of mentality and emotional character in the child is already created. Besides, the temperament defines how quickly and correctly the child acquires new information whether he what preferences at it and to what type of activity he is more inclined is assidious.

Whether the temperament from parents is transferred

The temperament of the child is often similar to temperament of one of parents. Whether the temperament devolves or just children copy behavior of the parents - there is no definite answer. But many children inherit temperament and from relatives who even were never seen. Such heritage is shown not only concerning temperament, but also in external similarity. Sometimes the child inherits temperament from both parents equally. Emergence in family of children, polytypic on temperament, is explained by it.

When the temperament of the child is shown

In the first years of life, in process of growth and development of the child, acquisition of new knowledge and abilities by it, his temperament changes and affects adaptability to the environment and also on emotional self-expression. On reaching school age the character of the child and his temperament is already more created and obvious to people close to it therefore it should not change further cardinally any more. Congenital characteristics of the person do not depend on pedagogical skills of parents. But nevertheless the behavior of the child of preschool age has to be exposed periodically to delicate adjustment from parents. Many scientists consider that the main properties of character and temperament of the child, are shown during formation of the personality – from 2 to 3 years. But it is possible to define temperament type only after 3-4 years. It is impossible to tell that the person is the representative of one type of temperament (the sanguine person, the phlegmatic person, the choleric person or the melancholiac). Division into 4 views has conditional character. Psychologists claim that to one person all four types of temperament can be characteristic, only one all the same will be leading.

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