Characteristic of the sixth week of pregnancy

Characteristic of the sixth week of pregnancy

As the fruit on the sixth week of pregnancy, a condition of the woman and the recommendation develops

The kid continues to develop violently. On the 6th week there is a number of the major events connected with many bodies and systems.

Development of a fruit

The fruit has the size only 4-9 mm in length, and weight about 0.9-1.3 g. Fruit heart already began to fight. On the sixth week of pregnancy the full closing of a nervous tube which of reinforced part the brain and a cranium is formed is carried out. Division of nervous cages begins. The tail of an embryo is extended and disappears. The intestinal tube serves as the beginning of formation of intestines, digestive, secretory and respiratory systems.

Many internals continue to be put and develop. Also the thymus which is responsible for the immune system of the person is formed. Cartilaginous tissue, muscles, tendons, bones, a thorax develops. Widely put rudiments of eyes come nearer to each other. They look huge in comparison with other bodies.

The mouth, nose, ears are already noticeable, rudiments of milk teeth are formed. It is already possible to make out extremities to be looked through extremities. Very quickly the placenta develops and the amount of amniotic waters increases. The fruit begins to move freely in them thanks to an umbilical kanatik, but the pregnant woman does not feel it so far.

Condition of the woman on the 6th week of pregnancy

During this period the early toxicosis can amplify, the susceptibility to smells appears, salivation increases, irritability and fatigue increase, near-mamillar circles become more dark. Though the fruit also increased, external changes in a figure of the woman can not be shown though some increase or loss in weight is possible.

The pregnant woman at this stage has an increased fatigue, carelessness, drowsiness. Changes of a hormonal background can cause dizziness and even a faint and also the increased production of skin fat which is quite often leading to formation of pimples. Also there can be problems with digestive system, such as heartburn, abdominal distension, locks and intestinal gripes.

If the aching and nagging pains in a stomach are felt, doctors can diagnose threat of an abortion. Sometimes stomach and waist pain appears from behind gradual sprain of a uterus. But only the doctor can define the exact cause of pains. Bloody allocations can speak about the beginning of an abortion and to save fruit life, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

Recommendations on the 6th week of pregnancy

During this period the woman gets registered in clinic for women. You should not be late on a visit to the gynecologist. At this time it is necessary to make tests of blood and urine by which pregnancy course is determined. The doctor can send the woman for ultrasonography. During ultrasonography the pregnancy is confirmed, the mnogoplodnost is defined, control of heartbeat of a fruit is carried out.

It is necessary to exclude drug intake and stresses. It is regularly and fully necessary to eat, to have a rest more. It is necessary to continue intake of vitamins, especially folic acid. It is also necessary to try to eat the products containing calcium. And it is better to refuse unhealthy food absolutely. It is necessary to be weighed and measure pressure regularly. Elevated pressure demands observation. It is necessary to learn to calm down and relax.

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