Choice of the nurse for the kid

Choice of the nurse for the kid

Modern mothers often choose the nurse for child care, but do not give to kindergarten. How it is better to choose her? Everything depends on your requirements and opportunities. Today it is possible to find the nurse in any city, it is necessary to put a little patience only.

To find the nurse today not to make work, but to choose the good nurse — it the task is more difficult. At the moment many agencies offer services of such character. It is only necessary to come and choose, it is no secret, that each mom has the idea of the one who can bring up her child.

How to choose the nurse

You can choose just sincere woman who very much loves children and is capable to devote much time and attention. Or the professional who will train the child to be engaged in his development. It would be desirable a combination of all these qualities together, but it happens not often.

Always when choosing the private nurse consider that it is necessary specifically for you. For children of identical age, but with different characters one nurse will not approach. We choose mobile, moderately strict teacher for the madcap. The woman of old age not capable to run on the yard also will cope with the quiet kid.

The tutor for different age

At each age the requirements. About a year of life the person with medical education or the woman with wide experience of work with babies will be an ideal tutor. During this period the main ability to treat the baby, to remove, feed.

In 2-3 years the speech development begins. The child requires constant attention. Someone vigorous is necessary to be in time and feed and not for a minute not to leave unguarded.

Since 4 years it is already possible to take the teacher. Training in fundamentals of natural study, reading, letter and many other. At the same age successfully learn the second language.

Rules of the choice of the nurse

There are several rules when choosing the nurse which implementation will save you from many mistakes. Use them to find the nurse without excess efforts:

  • choose the good nurse through the agency. In discontent cases to whom will make a claim.
  • in advance discuss whom you want to see the nurse: age, education, experience. Even the description of yours representation will be very opportunely. Then people, absolutely to you not suitable will not address you.
  • before work, meet the nurse in her territory. It is useful if she looks after in the house. You will know to what conditions your kid will get.
  • surely ask to show documents, make the copy. Trusting the most expensive, you should not hesitate to specify personal data.
  • if something does not arrange in work of the nurse, speak about it at once. Not in a sharp form, but that the person understood that he does not suit you.
  • In advance discuss terms of payment. Where, when and as you will transfer money. Also fulfill these obligations.
  • If work of the nurse is pleasant to you, do for it encouragement. Gifts for holidays or an award will be for it a pleasant surprise. And it guarantees that it will not leave you for a long time.

The nurse often becomes not just a worker, and a part of family. The child becomes attached to it, considers as a good, reliable friend. Search of such person for everyone is individual. But it is really possible to find the good nurse!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team