Correct office: how to choose

Correct office: how to choose

It would seem that all this trifles, but they simplify our life. And especially life of first graders. Therefore to facilitate to them the first difficulties of study, it is necessary to pick up the correct office, such as: handle, pencil, notebook, felt-tip pens, sharpener, eraser, scissors and glue.


1. For the first grader it is the best of all to choose a fountain pen. Thanks to it at him the calligraphy will successfully develop, and he will not write as if chicken a paw. If the kid writes is not absolutely legible though. it can concern not only kids, this situation will be saved by the special heavy handle with balancing. It is the best of all for that who treats slovens to choose handles with quick-drying ink.

2. The pencil should be chosen as convenient, and convenient it is trihedral and rubberized. Too a lot of things depend on a slate pencil therefore it has to be soft. To understand that it it is easy. It is designated by the letter B or BH.

3. It is not absolutely pleasant to write when the handle does not write. It can be not because the handle bad and because you bought the wrong notebook. Qualitative it is possible to determine by color. It has to be not is dazzling white, and just white. Also touch it to the touch. If a little rough, then it is a right choice.

4. It is the best of all to buy felt-tip pens and markers such which have practically no smell or absolutely without it. The best choice will be such which do not dry even if you forgot them to close a cover. Still it is possible to call it with "protection against a sclerosis".

5. Upon purchase of scissors check that they in general cut. Also choose such which with stupid tips that the child was not cut.

6. You should not buy modern electric sharpeners. Such to your child for a long time will not last. The most optimum choice will be mechanical with a collet knife. If you want such that served very long, then the choice will fall on a stationary sharpener. Believe, it will be enough for very long time.

7. Glue PVA - the best friend of your child. It is safe, unlike, at first sight, convenient glue stick which is made on a silicate basis.

8. The best eraser from rubber. Color of a so-called rubber has to be by all means white. Color can paint the surface of paper. But, and best of all ask the seller such which it is necessary to you as to erase, for example, the handle, other eraser is necessary already absolutely. The choice for you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team