Excommunication from a breast: how to stop breastfeeding

Excommunication from a breast: how to stop breastfeeding

When there comes time to separate the kid from a breast, any mom looks for ways how to make it without serious consequences. It is possible to disaccustom the child to breastfeeding without psychological injuries for the child for quite small period. Of course, there is no definite answer, to do it gradually or at once to stop feeding by a breast.

Experts do not recommend to separate in the first half a year-years of life of the kid from a breast. During this period there is a formation of the immune system. And already further is a personal choice of mom. In this case you should not listen to councils of girlfriends, family and acquaintances. The issue has to be resolved independently. Also you should not stop feeding if:

- the kid is subject to allergic reaction;

- the child is ill or he cuts through teeth;

- the feeding mom tests an indisposition;

- for the kid the accommodation situation changed (arrival to others apartment or in the house there are people, unfamiliar for the kid).

It is not absolutely simple to disaccustom the child to breastfeeding. Not always the kid asks a breast to be sated. Frequent it is only an occasion to stay with mom nearby. Sometimes it calms at concern.

Seldom when the child himself refuses a breast, but it happens too. The feeding up of the kid will become the first stage for excommunication. Receiving more food, it will remain full longer. It is especially expedient to do it before chest feeding. Having sated with "adult" food, the kid, quite perhaps, will not begin to need over time chest feeding. It is possible to leave breastfeeding only on evening, gradually reducing it. But in this case it is necessary to pay attention and care even to a large extent that the kid felt communication.

Many mummies use "a disgust method". Before feeding to separate the child from a breast, mothers grease a nipple with lemon juice. The sour taste is not absolutely pleasant to the kid therefore he refuses such food. But you should not resort to mustard or pepper, irritation of a mucous mouth of the kid – not a quite acceptable way for an otuchivaniye.

Also one of effective methods – schooling to a small bottle. For this purpose it is necessary to milk gradually, squashes and juice in a small bottle. The kid will get used and will hardly want a mother's breast.

If the child sleeps at night nearby, then it is very important to lay a pillow or a blanket between him and mom. The proximity will be not so noticeable to the kid, he so sharply reacts to a milk smell. At this time it is very important to pay attention to clothes. It has to be dense, it is not necessary to take the child at all if the breast is naked.

During excommunication from a breast the help of dad of the kid or someone from relatives can be necessary. Having fed the child, it is possible to play with him, to read fairy tales. Most likely, far from mom he will be forgotten. Thus to disaccustom the child to breastfeeding for quite short period of time – quite real task. And the smell of mom will not attract so. Dad can daily put the kid to bed, then it will become the norm and the child will cease to be capricious, ask a breast.

Special attention should be paid to the moments when he asks consolations in a mother's breast. It happens when the kid fell, hurt or is dissatisfied with something. It is possible to distract him – to take on handles, to approach a window and to tell a story about how the sun sits down to sleep. The child completely will switch the attention to other object.

Accustoming gradually to cups when feeding, to a spoon, it is possible to count that the sosatelny reflex will disappear soon.

You should not be afraid that at the moment when mom tries to disaccustom the child to breastfeeding, there will be an interruption of their close connection. The main thing for each kid – care and caress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team