Food at pregnancy

Food at pregnancy

Your yet not born child needs the rational and competently picked up food. And the healthy nutrition at pregnancy depends not only on consumption of vitamin-containing products and also a fruit protection from potentially dangerous products. The side effect from them can negatively tell on development of a fruit. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to what products you eat.

1) Avoid products in which there can be such microorganisms as Listeria and salmonellas. Frequent dwelling of these boleznetvory bacteria: crude seafood, not pasteurized dairy products, dirty vegetables and fruit, crude eggs, crude meat. At pregnancy the immune system of your organism weakens, and your fruit is more vulnerable for consequences of food poisoning or infection with these bacteria.

2) In food of the pregnant woman products in which there is a caffeine have to be excluded. Try to have less coffee, tea, power engineering specialists or sparkling water. According to the center of newborns if every day in the food allowance to use over 200 milligrams of caffeine, then abortion probability increases. Reduce consumption of caffeinated products, it will positively affect yours and a fruit health. 

3) Try to reduce consumption of fish. In her there are such elements as methyl mercury. It negatively affects nervous system of the child. Especially large number of negative deposits is saved in large fishes who store negative elements for years.

4) Nutritional supplements - one of enemies of a pregnant organism. Saccharin and a glutamate of sodium are able to pass through a placenta straight in a fruit organism. The glutamate of sodium has terrible property to injure the child's brain, and saccharin begins to be laid in a bladder and can cause development of oncological diseases. Various color additions can also develop different types of allergies at the child.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team