How just to occupy the child, developing his fine motor skills

How just to occupy the child, developing his fine motor skills

Each mom periodically has a desire to occupy the child and to have a rest from cares right now, just a moment. In this case it is possible to suggest the child to touch pasta or to mold something from plasticine. The main plus of this occupation - development of fine motor skills and that necessary materials always near at hand.

It is required to you

  • - usual leaf of A4;
  • - plasticine;
  • - pasta, peas, haricot;
  • - box for improvised materials.


1. Let's prepare pasta for work - if you have usual pasta, that is shells of a spiralka and other, they need only to be poured into a box. If pasta of spaghetti or paste, it is necessary to break them approximately three times. Council: multi-colored pasta (are on sale in any big supermarket) Also are especially interesting to children, for tactile feelings I recommend to add whole dry peas and haricot to a box.

2. Let's prepare working space: the dining table, or a children's table can be it. If the child very small, is useful also a table at a children's stool for feeding. We exempt a surface from superfluous, is closer to the child we put the sheet A4. Remarkably, if it is cardboard, but usual paper will be suitable for the printer too. We install in available proximity for the child the box prepared in a step 1.

3. We prepare plasticine. Multi-colored plasticine is divisible on balls, pieces, cubes or other figures. We stack the prepared material near a box. Council: if your child has more than a year, provide to divide plasticine to the child most. Believe, it not only very much carries away, but also develops the child.

4. So, we set the child for a workplace and we tell the fascinating fairy tale about the fairy forest with fantastic animals and we suggest to put to it the fairy forest in which the most treasured desires are granted. We show the equipment: we mold a plasticine piece on paper, we insert so many pasta how many the child will consider necessary into it. It will be our ""trees"". The same way it is possible to make ""hummocks"" and ""dimples"". We give to the child a scope for creativity, and mom time for rest!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team