How not to allow the child to sleep

How not to allow the child to sleep

Many mothers faced a problem when the child begins to fall asleep at the wrong time. You had five minutes before you enter the apartment, and the baby begins to drive in a dream directly in a carriage. If to allow the kid to fall asleep now, it is possible to kill good day rest therefore it is necessary to make so that the child did not sleep.


1. The vast majority of children has the mode. They want to eat and play approximately at the same time. Observe the child and plan walks so that to manage to come back home by then as will pull the kid for sleeping.

2. Saw that the child is going to fall asleep – begin to distract it a talk. Pay its attention to the interesting things occurring around you ("Look, the doggie ran", "Listen as to us the birdie sings").

3. Take on walk a toy which you will be able to give to the child if he begins to fall asleep. It should not be the doll or the toy car with which the kid plays constantly. The toy will be newer to him, the it will attract more interest. If you did not take anything that could draw attention of the child from the house and force it to forget about a dream, can give to the kid the thing which will attract interest of it – a pocket mirror, a hairpin, a charm from keys.

4. Give to the child delicacy – apple or cookies. Certainly, while the kid eats, he will not fall asleep.

5. If your child absolutely small in order that to wake him, it is possible to pull him at hands or cheeks, to wipe a face with wet towel wipes, to undo a jacket (certainly if to the kid at the same time does not threaten to catch a cold).

6. It is considered that classical music and pleasant jazz melodies calm the child and help it to fall asleep quicker. In turn, dynamic music disturbs a normal dream. Include the popular song on the mobile phone, suggest the child to sing together with you.

7. Promise one and a half - two-year-old to the child that the house him will be waited by something interesting – delicacy, the animated film, dad who came back from work. Tell what animated film entertaining and as dad will be glad to see the kid. Then the baby himself also will try not to fall asleep to do not miss an event, significant for it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team