How to accustom the kid to a pot

How to accustom the kid to a pot

At a certain stage the question - when begins to concern all parents and how to begin to accustom the child to a pot. Of course, in development there are no uniform criteria, each child is individual, but some recommendations will be useful literally to all.

It is necessary to acquaint the child with a pot not earlier, than he will learn to fit well. But until he begins to understand what this device is intended for, do not wait that your efforts will be crowned with success. At this age it is possible to acquaint the child with a pot only. The average child learns to control the requirements from two to three years. At this age it is possible to demand results of your efforts.

From the beginning of schooling to a pot refuse diapers. The child will not like to go wet and process of accustoming to go to a pot will accelerate.

How to accustom the child to a pot.

1. The pot always has to be always in sight; 2. It is necessary to add the kid after a meal, after a dream, before walk; 3. When the child goes obstinate, do not seat him violently, he will avoid a pot at all; 4. Surely check the pot temperature that it was not cold; 5. Do not abuse the child for misses, and you praise for progress. Whenever possible, land the child on a pot each hour; 6. Never you feed the kid on a pot and do not entertain games, otherwise he will not be able to understand the real destination of a pot; 7. Often children begin to sit down on a pot in clothes, do not worry, the main thing that the child began to understand the meaning of a pot.

As it is correct to choose a pot. If all your efforts do not lead to anything, try to change a pot, quite often the reason is that on a pot it is inconvenient to sit. Check a pot for stability. The shaky pot can frighten the child for a long time. The huge choice of modern pots prevents parents to decide on purchase. At a stage of development of a pot do not buy a fancy product, with music and toys, it can be made later. And for acquaintance to a pot choose a usual pot of a quiet coloring. Of course, schooling to a pot occupation not simple and long, but having patience you will see that your kid learned to operate the body.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team