How to accustom the newborn to a bed

How to accustom the newborn to a bed

The first months of life of the newborn – test for any mom. Frequent feedings day and night, incessant care of needs of the kid, instant reaction of mom to crying of the child lead to the fact that the kid gets used to her constant presence. Also shows discontent when the loved one leaves his one in a bed.

It is required to you

  • - crib for newborns.


1. Take care of acquisition of a convenient, good bed for the kid. Too spacious or, on the contrary, the small bed can become the reason of unconscious discontent. To the kid it can be uncomfortable or inconvenient. Choose a bed of quiet, neutral tones. Convenient children's matrasik and a blanket will make a dream the fullest. And the bed curtains covering the kid from the sun will create the cozy atmosphere and will arrange for sleeping.

2. Accustom the kid to that he slept in the bed, whenever possible, from first month of life. After feeding and necessary procedures, rock to sleep and lay the kid. Try not to put the child to sleep with itself. Perhaps, it is so more convenient to you to feed the kid when he wakes up. However in the future the problem with independent falling asleep in a bed, but not on hands at mom, will become more obvious. Approximately by 6 months the child has to get used to sleep one, but not with mom. If he keeps within a bed with discontent and crying, try not to give in to children's whims and tricks. Be persistent.

3. Before daytime or night sleep try to create the quiet atmosphere in the bedroom of the child. Bathing before going to bed, the favourite pajamas, the quiet, lulling voice of mom telling the fairy tale (even if the child does not understand all words yet), the soft, stroking massage will adjust the child on the corresponding harmony. The six-month-old child can give with himself a favourite toy, then the kid will not feel such lonely.

4. If the child cries, remain near him until he falls asleep, but do not take it on hands. Once you show firmness several days in a row, the kid will understand that crying does not lead to anything, and will begin to fall asleep quicker in an own bed. So, the full-fledged dream is provided to mom too.

5. When the kid wakes up, do not hurry to run to him. Wait several minutes. Gradually accustom the child to what to be to one is a normal situation. The bright toys suspended over a bed will help to draw for a while attention of the child when he only woke up.

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