How to decant milk

How to decant milk

Breastfeeding is one of the most delightful moments in mother's life. But owing to various circumstances as much as possible to prolong the feeding period a breast, it is necessary to have knowledge of how it is correct to decant milk.

Main reasons for decantation

Decantation is an ideal option at prevention zastoyev (laktostaza) and also for increase in amount of milk. However if you feed the kid on demand (an interval between feeding of 2-2.5 hours) and 24 hours a day have an opportunity to be near the baby, in decantation there is no need as milk arrives exactly in such quantity in what the growing organism of the baby needs it.

But there is a variety of reasons on which chest decantation is just necessary:

Feeding on the mode. In this case the baby is put to a breast up to 6-8 times a day. For this reason experts recommend to decant milk after each feeding before full simplification of a breast. Such procedure is necessary in order that the brain did not send signals of a large number of milk that further can lead to lowering of the level of a lactation.

If your child is from you at distance or you need to leave at several o'clock. If you take the drugs which are incompatible with breastfeeding. In such a way you will be able to continue feeding after a necessary course of treatment.

As it is correct to decant milk

It is possible to decant milk in 2 ways: - manual decantation; - mechanical decantation (by means of a milk pump).

For gathering milk you can use the sterilized vessel with a wide neck or a special container.

At manual decantation you need to wash up hands for a start. After that take a breast in a palm. Make it so that the thumb was from above in 4-5 cm from an areola (near-mamillar zone). Now begin to cramp carefully a thumb with index, massing area of dairy channels. At the same time your fingers have to slide from top to down to an areola zone. Do not squeeze pacifiers at all. The first minutes, milk can poorly be allocated, however after the rhythmical decanting movements the reflex of its allocation will be started, and all procedure will accelerate.

The manual type of decantation is very convenient in case you use it not too often and only occasionally feed the kid from a small bottle.

For the feeding mothers who need constant decantation it is recommended to use milk pumps. They are 2 types: - electric; - manual. Both options allow to carry out quickly and effectively the procedure of decantation. By means of an electric milk pump you just put a part of the device to a breast, press a button, and milk begins to be decanted in the attached container. Such milk pump demands monetary expenses, however you can hire it. The manual device costs much cheaper, but you need to perform the decantations function independently by a rhythmical nazhimaniye on a special lever. Consider if your child for any reason cannot independently suck a breast, it is necessary to decant both breasts at once, passing from one to another and so before their full depletion. You remember, short and frequent decantations are much more effective at stimulation of a lactation, than long, but rare.

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