How to behave in women's society

How to behave in women's society

Contrary to widespread prejudice, not all women are inclined to intrigues, gossips, scandals. Nevertheless, in women's society there are above-mentioned negative phenomena much more often, than in men's collective. Therefore to get on with women, to avoid the conflicts with them – a hard task not only for the man, but also for other woman. How it is necessary to behave correctly in a similar situation?

To behave properly in female collective to the new employee

If you are the woman who got for work into especially female collective try to understand at once what type your chief treats.

When the conductress is reasonably exacting, watches labor discipline, but does not consider that work should direct all physical and sincere forces till the rest, – you were very lucky. Just try to carry out the official duties honestly. If your chief is literally mad about work to please it, there will be not enough one conscientiousness. Try to pretend that except work you are interested in nothing. As seldom as possible ask for leave and take sick notes, do not complain of personal problems. Do not argue with it at all even if are absolutely sure of the correctness! Such conductresses of it are not suffered.

Perhaps, the most disagreeable person of the lady-conductress – the whimsical, unbalanced person. It is extremely difficult to please such chief. She is quite capable to take a dislike to you just for the fact that you look more young, elegantly, or came to work in new shoes which to you very much go. Here only two exits: or quicker to leave, or was able to flatter the chief.

Communicating with colleagues, try to avoid whenever possible gossips, too straight talks. Do not give in on provocation, do not get into conversations with the colleague at which obviously bad mood or health. Never brag of success at men, even gifts from own husband or the relative. Keep a neutrality, trying not to adjoin one of "groups".

How to behave in women's society to the man

If you are a man whom the destiny brought in female collective, remember the main rule: you do not stint compliments, without ignoring any of ladies. But at the same time do not go to far as women very thinly feel falseness. Try to avoid office romances (even if someone from colleagues very much will be pleasant to you). With the probability of 99% and to you, and your darling will be revenged then with all refinement of which the fair sex is only capable. Be able to listen to women, at the right time to give a good advice, to sympathize, but do not turn it into a system and you do not become the kind girlfriend for colleagues, then almost for certain will soon cease to hesitate of you, and then and to reckon with you.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team