How to bring up the newborn

How to bring up the newborn

It would seem, the newborn child understands nothing, at him only instincts work. But actually the kid learns the world, learns to live in it, to adapt to the external environment. Parents need to bring up in the kid of quality, given it by the nature, to show the world around, to impart behavior models which will help the child to adapt further to many changes around.


1. From first minutes of life of the newborn accustom the child to a day regimen. Nutritionists, teachers developed the special schedule depending on age of the kid. The little person has a feeding, the dream, wakefulness have to be distributed correctly.

2. You feed the child aged from the birth about one month each three hours. It is allowed to depart from this schedule if the kid did not wake up in time. When the baby demands a breast before the put term, endure. Let the kid will understand what he should be done as it is necessary, but not as there is a wish.

3. During wakefulness of the child tell fairy tales, sing children's songs. Though the kid is able to do nothing yet, his brain is capable to perceive sounds. By three-four months the little man distinguishes an image, mom's voice. Respectively, he is already able to compare people and also the objects surrounding it.

4. Give to the kid of a rattle. The grasping reflex at the child is present since the birth. Touching handles a subject, new to it, it develops sense organs. On finger-tips of the kid there are nervous terminations which are responsible for the speech of the person. Avoid very loud toys as they can frighten the child.

5. Decorate the room of the kid with bright objects. The child learns the world around when new interest in things appears. Try to communicate with the baby more. Try to make his life joyful. You hold with it entertaining games. At a positive view of the world around the mood of the kid and also parents will be always lifted. Consider that positive emotions improve immunity, your child will be ill less, and the minutes spent with the kid, - joyful, memorable.

6. The character of the baby is built up from the first days of his life. And for a year the child becomes capable to perceive the world around from that party with which parents showed it. If you love the child, then but try to protect him from excessive caress as it prevents it to accept reality such, what it is.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team