How to call children of twins

How to call children of twins

The procedure of the choice of a name for the child is very responsible. It especially is relevant when twins are expected. It is necessary to pick up such names that they were well combined with each other.

It is required to you

  • - calendar;
  • - encyclopedia of names.


1. Choose the names not strongly similar in the sounding. For example, Tanya and Vanya, Masha and Dasha or Nina and Karina at first sight sound interestingly and lovely. But kids can have a confusion and difficulties with storing of own name.

2. Think of what sounding of names in diminutive-hypocoristic option will be. There are names which are not assuming reductions, for example, Yang, Klim, Ruslan or Iya. If you call one of kids by the similar name, then and it is necessary to call another the same way.

3. Consider that both names have to be combined with a middle name. If it too long, it is not necessary to choose long names. If on a joint of the termination of a name and the beginning of a middle name there are public and concordant letters, such name with a middle name will sound melodiously and softly, for example, Gleb and Oleg Alekseevichi, Svetlana and Marina of Vasilyevna. The combined several vowels or several consonants are more difficultly said, for example: Irina and Anna Alekseevny, Rostislav and Konstantin Stanislavovichi.

4. You do not seek to name twins, beginning on the same letter. Diana and Danil sound beautifully, but if soul does not lie to some of names, and there is a wish to name the child not Diana, and, for example, Marina, arrive as prompts your heart.

5. If you are overcome by doubts, you long suffer in thoughts, choose names to twins according to the calendar. It is always possible to choose those from names which are pleasant more. So, the calendar "offers" the children who were born on January 10 such names as Antonija, Agafya, Vavila, Efim, Glikery, Ignatiy, Pyotr, Nicanor, Simone, Feofil.

6. Do not combine too rare and, on the contrary, widespread names, for example: Alexander and Raphael or Violetta and Natalia, etc. Not really successful option, if one name too short, and another, on the contrary long, for example, Anjelica and Yana, or Yaroslav and Gleb.

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