How to call the second child

How to call the second child

The birth of the second child – the second very important and responsible step to lives of future parents. Selection a name to the newborn baby – business not from simple. The name influences the future of the person. Parents often rely on family traditions, fashionable trends, on national, religious and even on own political views. Also, the important value when choosing a name for the child has season when it was born.

It is required to you

  • Time, number, month and year of birth of the child.


1. For a long time people betrayed huge value to the choice of a name for the future child, sometimes even thought of several names beforehand as they gave birth to a large number of children. Since the birth the name gave characteristic to its owner, and accompanied all his life, obliging to confirm its value.

2. Season when the child was born is of particular importance. Not for nothing for the kid selected a name according to traditions of last centuries according to the calendar (Christmas-tide). The closest name to date of birth was suitable (initially to date of a baptism).

3. Most often when choosing a name for the second child, parents lean on the fact that they already have a kid who has a name, a surname and a middle name. Therefore there is the following question and whether it is necessary that the name of the second the child corresponded to previous or can diversify relatives by name?

4. There is a large number of names which originate from different people of the world: Slavic, Muslim, western, Latin, Jewish, Greek, etc. One of principal values of the choice of a name for the kid has his combination to a middle name.

5. It is recommended that the chosen name was said and remembered as in itself easily, and with a middle name. Difficult uttered names become an involuntary hindrance in communication and cause tension from the one who will address and also awkwardness at that whom will address.

6. It is necessary to consider also that this name did not complicate formation of caressing forms. Such nuances transfer various attitudes towards the person. If it is the boy, then his name has to transform easily a middle name that did not bring to future grandson this suffering.

7. The child is absolutely undesirable to call by the name of the father or mother as it gives to instability in character, the emotionality, excessive irritability increases. This results from the fact that the child and so inherits a lot of things from the parents, and it is good if it are the best qualities, but most often is on the contrary.

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