What is a panchakarma and in what its advantage?"

What is a panchakarma and in what its advantage?"

Indians are famous for the unusual ways and methods allowing to support and strengthen human health due to ability of an organism to self-recovery long ago. One of such techniques is the panchakarma which is applied in India throughout many centuries.

What is it?

In translation from the Indian language the word "panchakarm" means "five actions". The technique means holding five main procedures which action is directed to elimination of stresses, improvement of health, removal of slags and toxins from an organism. After consecutive implementation of all procedures the physical and spiritual condition of the person improves, work of internals is normalized, the danger of developing of diseases is eliminated.

What the system of improvement of a panchakarm, why, when and how to carry out the procedures described in it, it is possible to learn, having studied information posted in the subsequent sections is.

Whether you know? Panchakarma as a way of a detoxication and rejuvenation, arose in India more than 4 millennia ago. Knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine which are relevant also in present time became its basis.

Influence on an organism

Main objective of a panchakarma is maintenance of stable level of energy of the person, recovery of internals, activization of the immune system.

The uniqueness of this technique is that its influence is directed to arrangement of a human body, but not to fight against any disease. The human body has ability to be updated and recover independently provided that digestion is not weakened, there is no accumulation of slags and toxins and the composure is not broken.

The modern ecology, the wrong way of life, constant stressful situations lead to deterioration in the general condition of the person. Panchakarma, even in house conditions, allows to bring all hazardous substances out of an organism and at the same time to return composure together with reasonable thinking.

It is possible to clean an organism carrying out kriyyu Shank Prakshalana.

Main procedures

Knowledge of the principles of an ayuverd allows to clean independently an organism in house conditions. Implementation of various procedures are carried out according to canons of two schools: Northern and Southern. The expert with whom it is necessary to consult will help to choose the direction according to the real state of health.

Northern school

Is the representative of the classical panchakarma which is based on five procedures:

  • vaman — clarification of a stomach by method of provoking of an emetic reflex with the subsequent vomiting. Before this procedure the oil massage with visit of a steam bath is carried out;
  • virechan — intake of depletive together with the warmed-up milk;
  • vast, it is divided into snekha-vast and kashaya-vast — the first represents a standard oil enema, the second has individual selection of maintenance of an enema for the specific person;
  • nasye — are cleaned by a nose, a throat, bosoms. By means of massage, vegetable oil in face skin, breasts and shoulders is rubbed and conditions for intensive sweating are created. Then through nostrils, on a breath, vegetable essential oil is entered and oil massage of a nose, breast, palms and a foot is again carried out;
  • rakta-Moksha is performing bloodletting.

Bloodletting analog in official medicine the girudoterapiya is considered.

Southern school (keralsky)

Procedures of this school are more popular as they consist only in warming up, oiling and massage. The quantity, a version and an order of their performance is selected individually for each person, taking into account the general state and the recommended indications.

Treat the main procedures:

  • abkhyanga — rubbing in of oil and an umashcheniye of all body;
  • shirodhara — watering by head oil;
  • Pindus of light — warming up and massage by means of sacks in which there are medicinal structures;
  • mukhabkhyanga — front massage with use of medicinal and essential oils;
  • katibast — a hot oil bathtub for a back and a waist. Instead of oil, broths of medicative herbs can be used;
  • sarvangadhara — continuous watering on a body of medical oil with simultaneous deep massage;
  • udvartana — massage with special powders which promote elimination of cellulitis and excess weight;
  • padabkhyanga — massage with medical oil of legs (foot soles).

Indications to the procedure

That who leads active lifestyle with high power expenses it is busy with hard physical or intense brainwork, the panchakarma will help to be in good shape constantly. It is useful to pay the attention to this system of restoration of an organism by the military, to doctors, teachers, politicians, stuntmen, athletes and many other people who often get into stressful situations.

The technique Ayurveda is recommended to people who have problems of the following character:

  • vascular frustration;
  • bronchopulmonary pathologies (asthma, bronchitis);
  • cardiac diseases;
  • liver diseases;
  • frustration of the digestive device;
  • violations in an endocrine system (diabetes);
  • mental disorders;
  • violations in operation of the musculoskeletal device (osteoporosis, gout, arthritis);
  • gynecologic diseases, including infertility;
  • skin diseases.

Panchakarma in house conditions

The house panchakarma takes from 5 to 10 days and is carried out in three steps:

  • preparation;
  • clarification;
  • restoration.

For this time it is desirable to take a vacation as some procedures are connected with need of free access to a bathroom.


Before the beginning it is necessary to visit the doctor who will perform the general inspection and will make the individual program including the following items:

  • the mode for every day;
  • the recommended food;
  • administration of drugs from herbs;
  • intake of oil according to indications;
  • the list of oilings Ayurveda, suitable for use in house conditions.

The last point can be painted as follows:

  • abkhjyanga (massage with oil);
  • udvartan (massage with oil and grinding by medicative herbs);
  • podikill (massage with oil and a prostukivaniye sacks with herbs);
  • pitsichil (watering of all body oil);
  • garshan (massage of all body hands in silk gloves);
  • vishesh (deep massage of all body with oil);

Important! Only special Ayurvedic oils are suitable for these procedures.


It is the second stage which begins with morning reception (3 days) on a hungry stomach of 50 grams of the warmed-up Gui's oil (the butter kindled in a special way). For easier use it is necessary to wash down with hot water.

For thin people the salt pinch is added to oil. At an average constitution oil is drunk in pure form. For stout persons it is recommended to add a pinch of red, black pepper and dry ginger, mixed in identical proportions.

Important! It is possible to have breakfast not earlier than in half an hour after acceptance of oil of Gui.

In case such amount of oil does not manage to be drunk for once, it is possible to break its reception on three times a day — on two tablespoons, in 15 minutes prior to meal.

Cleaning Bastia (enemas for a large intestine) are carried out before going to bed, after acceptance of a hot bathtub or a shower. Solution is prepared from one tablespoon of Ayurvedic gathering of Dashamul and halfliter of water which needs to be boiled within 5 minutes. After cooling to room temperature broth should be filtered. For people with a thin constitution it is necessary to add 150 ml of sesame oil to solution.

Whether you know? The Ayurvedic system is based on three concepts Dosch — cotton wool, Pitt, a kapkh. These are three types of a constitution of the person — thin, average, dense on which individual procedures are appointed.


In the next seven days the independent massage with the warmed-up vegetable oil is before going to bed carried out:

  • sesame for thin;
  • sunflower for people of an average constitution;
  • corn or mustard for full.

Important! Oil has to be not refined!

It is necessary to massage itself for 15-20 minutes, since the head and finishing with fingers standing. It is better to postpone a procedure to the bathroom as right after it a hot bath or a shower is taken. After bathing you should not be wiped completely, allowing residues of oil to be absorbed in skin.

In the reduced option, not for 10, and in 5 days of procedures, combination of internal and external oiling is possible.

In addition to massage it is before going to bed recommended to drink 2-3 teaspoons of powder of a trifal of a churna which gets divorced in a glass of water. This medicine has properties of soft laxative and stimulates work of internals.


Panchakarma is contraindicated in the presence at the patient:

  • fevers of any type;
  • infectious diseases;
  • periods;
  • tuberculosis, VICha, AIDS, herpes;
  • pathological obesity / exhaustion;
  • open wounds;
  • skin cancer;
  • alcoholic or drug intoxication;
  • sharp or chronic hemorrhoids;
  • lactations;
  • pregnancies;
  • diseases (in an active phase) a digestive tract;
  • bad svorachivayemost of blood;
  • mental diseases of active character.

For passing of procedures for a technique of a panchakarm it is not obligatory to go to India. If to use services of experts in this area directly at the place of residence, then the result will be even better as it will not be necessary to adapt to other conditions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team