How to celebrate the first birthday of the child

How to celebrate the first birthday of the child

The first birthday of the child - very important event both for parents, and for the kid. He so strongly grew up, changed, learned much. And let he will not remember then this day, but you will have photos and very pleasant memories. And in many years you will be able to tell it as celebrated its first anniversary.

It is required to you

  • - camera;
  • - festive posters;
  • - guests;
  • - cake;
  • - gifts for the birthday boy;


1. It is worth being prepared for this holiday in advance. Think over the program and invite guests. Try that your apartment was not filled with crowd of all your friends. First of all think of the child, he very much will be tired of a large number of people and frequent change of impressions.

2. Appoint the beginning of a holiday to afternoon that your kid got enough sleep and was in good mood. Keep in mind that even such significant day - not an occasion to change a daily routine. Consider the interests of the kid, otherwise instead of a cheerful birthday you receive nervous and crying child.

3. Decorate the room with festive posters and garlands. It will be remarkable if you print out the most interesting photos of the kid in which it is imprinted as he grew and studied new. Hang up a big leaf for wishes, let guests will write that that pleasant to yours to the baby. In many years he with pleasure will read wishes of the relatives. Similar registration of the room will not give you will miss to guests so far to meet others.

4. Big cake with a candle has to be the main course of a holiday table, certainly, however it should be taken into account all preferences of guests. But you remember that it is a children's holiday therefore there should not be a lot of alcohol. In the course of a feast you hold in advance thought up competitions. Remember that all of them have to correspond to subject of a holiday and directly concern your kid.

5. If you plan further fun and dances, it would be quite good to send someone from relatives to take a walk with the baby. To the child will not prevent to have a sleep and observe entertainments on different temperament of guests to it rather early.

6. Try not to tighten a birthday, tactfully you see off guests before bathing and night sleep are necessary to the kid. Parents have to have time and for themselves, it and your holiday.

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