Laryngospasm at children: symptoms, treatment, prevention

Laryngospasm at children: symptoms, treatment, prevention

After the first two years of life at many children laryngospasm symptoms can be shown. Parents surely should know the main symptoms of this disease and methods of its treatment. Will not prevent to take also preventive measures.

How to distinguish a laryngospasm at children

The laryngospasm is a spasm of a throat which can be observed at children from two-year age. This disease has the symptomatology. Usually at approach of a similar spasm throat muscles are narrowed owing to what there occurs sharp change of breath. At the same time the head of the child is usually thrown back back and from a mouth the whistling sounds are heard. Integuments become very pale. Sometimes even the cyanotic shade appears.

Also release of cold sweat is characteristic of a laryngospasm. Often the attack lasts no more than several minutes. Then breath is gradually restored. In certain cases the child can even faint. Vomiting, spasms of extremities and release of foam from a mouth is characteristic of similar spasms of a throat. Well and at last, in the most hard cases there can even come asphyxia.

Treatment of a laryngospasm

First of all, it is necessary to render to the child emergency aid. It has to consist in breath restoration. Try to cause emetic reflexes in the child. Slightly clap him on a back or pinch for a language tip a little. Sprinkle a little to it on the person cool water and try to provide a stream of cold air. If the attack of a laryngospasm happened at rather adult child, ask it to hold the breath after a deep breath. It can help to remove a spasm. Of course, all above-mentioned measures can be not rather effective. Then it will be required to bring the cotton wool moistened in liquid ammonia to the child's nose. Let him inhale sal ammoniac. Sometimes enemas with Chlorali hydras and heat baths help. As for an intubation and a trakheostomiya, they are carried out only in extremely hard cases.

Necessary prevention

The most important component of treatment of a laryngospasm is prevention. It is possible to refer constant walks to preventively measures in the fresh air (in the park, the pine forest, near the sea). Medical air has the revitalizing effect on a respiratory system in general. It is periodically necessary to give the weakening classes for children. Massage and drawing means. It is necessary to select such classes which will be pleasant to your child. The balanced food and constant intake of vitamins is also necessary. Try to include more food in the child's diet, enriched with calcium and other useful components.

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