How to check what people surround me

How to check what people surround me

The reliable and loyal friends, decent and benevolent fellow workers loving ready for everything for the sake of you relatives – probably, and life of the happy person looks. But what to do if you for any of several reasons have doubts in fidelity, devotion and love of the people surrounding you?


1. If you engendered doubts concerning reliability and fidelity of your friends, analyze any given situations more often, try to watch your relations kind from outside. For example, you doubt sincerity of your girlfriend or friend. Answer yourself questions: why you began not to trust these people? How does your friendship last long whether you have concrete reasons for mistrust? Whether your imagination was not too played if it seems to you that your friends consciously do something that can do you harm?

2. Check your friend or the girlfriend, having told it in confidence something "important" from your life, for example, about some bad act which you once made long ago and now you are tormented by a remorse. Let this story will be invented, only try that it looked plausibly. Ask your friend to tell nobody about it, even to the closest friends. Show emotions that you were believed.

3. After oath assurances of the friend or girlfriend of preservation of your secret, take the observer's position. You do not force an event, wait. Observe whether the attitude of your friends will be changed towards you? Whether they will whisper behind your back or to hint openly that they about you know something? The attitude towards you and the keeper of your secret is important here whether it changed? Whether you communicate also frankly and kindly or between you some distance appeared?

4. If you do not like the previous option, use "secret" of any other plan, but such that it was "significant" for you. For example, you passionately "fell in love" with someone and cannot hide more it from the best friend. It is better to use this option if you are not married. Further – observe, it is possible to create an interesting situation, a peculiar test drive for the girlfriend, having invited "hero" and the girlfriend to a romantic party and having observed its actions. If you see obvious attempts of coquetry, seducing – your girlfriend, alas, it is impossible to trust.

5. To check fellow workers, tell them about the intention to achieve career development. If you have no such purpose, dream up. Describe how you will try to obtain promotion as you strongly dream of it. You monitor reaction of colleagues – your friends will support you, direct competitors and ill-wishers will dissuade.

6. In case of doubts in love of your second half create a situation in which it is possible to check true feelings to you. For example, "get sick" and ask your darling to devote one day completely to you. What reaction will be caused in it by your request? Whether he will offer for the sake of you the affairs or will just wave away, at best having called the doctor? Of course, the love is checked for years and one specific situation will hardly give you irrefragable answer on all questions which collected at you. About degree of respect and love for you it is possible to judge also by that, what is the time your second half gives you whether you receive some pleasant surprises from he (she), whether your husband or the wife seeks to spend with you leisure-time, whether it is interested in your affairs, mood, etc.

7. If check of your friends, colleagues and relatives did not yield the encouraging results, think of the reasons of such attitude towards you. Perhaps, you are guilty that you are not respected and do not love so as far as you would like? In this case work over yourself, over the attitude towards people around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team