How to choose a name for the girl

How to choose a name for the girl

The choice of a name for the newborn girl has to be weighed and comprehended. The name is not only "business card" of the person, but also special thin vibrations, influencing character and the fate of the person.


1. Choosing a beautiful name for the girl, it is necessary to consider several important factors: seasonality of the birth of the child, harmony of a name and its value, compatibility with a middle name and a surname, family and patrimonial traditions. Season in which the child was born puts in it certain lines. "Winter" children most often are strong-willed, purposeful and resolute. Therefore the girls born in cold months it is desirable to call by the names which due to melodic sounding of vowels will soften natural "severity" of character: Anastasia, Anna, Svetlana, Ulyana, Polina, Angelina. "Spring" girls, as a rule, of a vetrena, are changeable, fun-loving and sensitive. Also quite soft traits of character also "summer" children – trustful, kind, vulnerable have. To give to character of the girls born in the spring and in the summer some hardness, determination and independence, names should be selected with rigid sounding: Tamara, Margarita, Darya, Marina, Christina. Characters of "autumn" girls the most balanced therefore names can be selected both rigid, and soft. It is necessary to track that these names beautifully sounded, had good value and were combined with a middle name and a surname of the girl.

2. The value of a name renders an important role on formation of character too, and faces the choice of a name to take an interest – with what lines it is capable to allocate the girl. If to give to the "winter" child an imperious name, then as a result the family can catch the little tyrant and the despot. Also it is not recommended to call girls by the names which came from men's: Vasilis, Pavel, Evgeny, Alexander, Valentin, Valery is power of a man's name will leave the corresponding mark on character of the girl, suppressing her natural femininity and tenderness.

3. The harmony of a name, its beautiful combination to a middle name and a surname, sounding derivative of this name – too are very important. Having chosen an exotic name from the pleasant movie or the book, it is possible to doom the girl to constant sneers of her peers. Juliette Ivanovna or Zhorzheta Petrovna sound inharmoniously for our perception, and the person with such name and a middle name throughout all life should listen to ironical remarks and jokes in the address.

4. If in family there is a tradition to choose a name in honor of relatives, then it is the best of all to stop on a name of the person who lived interesting, worthy life without deprivations and troubles not to build negative subconscious associations between the fate of the newborn and the left relative. If parents of the girl honor Christian traditions, then the choice of a name can be entrusted the church calendar. It can be either any initial name, or that name which is the share in the calendar of birthday of the baby. Beautiful orthodox names will provide to girls not only harmony, but also certain traits of character: Anna – grace; Ekaterina is clean; Ksenia – the page; The Nickname – a victory. Return to Old Slavic traditions will allow to allocate the girl not only the tender, warmly sounding name, but also will lay the important foundation in formation of its destiny: Rada – the giving joy; Tsvetelina – blossoming; Milolika is lovely the person; Eseniya – given rise in the fall.

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