How to choose a small bottle for the baby

How to choose a small bottle for the baby

Unfortunately, not always the woman has an opportunity to nurse the kid. There is the only exit — artificial feeding. But how it is correct to choose for this purpose the main adaptation — a small bottle?


1. Upon purchase of a small bottle pay attention to material of which it is made. Usually producers create such devices from plastic or glass. Plastic small bottles have the small weight, the different forms and the sizes, do not fight, offered in wide assortment. Glass will easily be sterilized, but are difficult in use. The kid will be able to hold a plastic small bottle itself subsequently, and you will not need to worry that he will break it.

2. Choose safe and convenient option. Be not guided only by beautiful design and decorative elements. Make a choice for practical model.

3. Give preference to a small bottle which has no excess bends. Will easily wash it. When the child himself to learn to hold a bottle, get ridge or in the middle the narrowed model.

4. Buy a small bottle which has antikolikovy protection. When the kid eats, he swallows air together with milk that provokes vomiting and gripes in a tummy. How does such protection work? The ventilation system or the special system of valves does not allow bubbles to get into the child's stomach.

5. Pay attention to a pacifier. Its size has to correspond to age of the kid. If the opening in a nipple is too big, the child will suck very quickly. Do not allow it at all. During feeding from a bottle the child has to use certain efforts. Otherwise milk will too quickly get to it into a stomach that will lead to pains and gripes. The opening also should not be too small — the kid will be tired of the procedure of feeding. Huge attention the form of a pacifier deserves. Make better a choice for that which has the anti-vacuum "skirt" preventing suction of air during feeding. Also nipples are divided into silicone and latex. The first — the most durable, strong, easy in leaving.

6. Get a bottle on which the scale in grams or millimeters is drawn. Thanks to it you will be able to keep track of amount of the milk drunk by the child.

7. Pay special attention to the neck size. It is better to make a choice for wide. The pacifier which copies the woman's nipple has to be put on such neck. It is especially important if the kid is on the mixed feeding.

8. Be guided by the checked famous producers who carry out the activity in the market long ago and managed to prove only from the best side. Such companies develop quality safe products as they very much value the reputation. It is necessary to allocate such producers as Nuby, PhillipsAVENT, Dr. Brown’s.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team