How to choose dairy mix

How to choose dairy mix

On shelves of pharmacies and shops of baby food more than thirty types of children's dairy mixes of different producers are presented. It is necessary to choose only one from this variety - that which will be ideal for your kid. But do not hurry to make it independently!


1. Consult with the children's doctor in maternity hospital if your child receives mix from the first days of life.

2. Ask what mix of the kid finish feeding in maternity hospital. It is not recommended to change mix. If the kid well transfers it, after discharge from maternity hospital continue to feed with this mix. In process of growth of the child the local pediatrician will write out to you the subsequent dairy food of the same producer or will transfer to other product.

3. Consult to the local pediatrician if you did not feed up the kid earlier. To healthy children from 0 to 6 months the doctor will prescribe the high-adapted dairy mix with figure 1. It can be Frisolak 1, Nestogen 1, the Baby 1, Nutrilon 1, Nutrilak 1, Hipp 1, etc. Healthy children after half a year are transferred to the subsequent mixes of the same producer with a mark 2.

4. Tell the doctor if the kid has gripes, locks, problems with a chair. To such child the doctor can appoint the special mix containing prebiotics and other useful substances. Medical mixes are directed to normalization of a chair and digestion of the kid. The most widespread dairy mixes of this look - Nutrilon Comfort, Semper Bifidus, Nan comfort, Frisovom. Also it can be acidified milk formulas.

5. Address the allergist if the kid had a rash and other reactions to dairy mix. Perhaps, the child has an allergy to milk protein. The doctor will carry out survey to reveal allergens. Most of such children usually suits hypoallergenic mixes with partially hydrolyzed protein of cow's milk. To kids with a severe allergy appoint a full hydrolyzate of milk protein or mix on the basis of goat milk.

6. Attentively follow the recommendations of the doctor if the kid was born weak, small or premature. For such children there are special dairy mixes with a mark of Pre. More nutritious on structure, they promote growth and a fast set of weight. When the kid reaches 3-4 kg, the doctor will appoint to you usual dairy mix for healthy children.

7. Do not change mix for another if the child well eats and normally transfers it. Change of dairy mix can lead to problems in digestion, to locks, allergic reactions. If you want to transfer the kid to more budgetary option of mix, surely report about it to the children's doctor - he will choose the option which is the most suitable on structure.

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