How to choose the correct footwear for children

How to choose the correct footwear for children

Responsibility for the choice of footwear for the child entirely lays down is convenient to go to parents since the kid cannot tell in it or not. Still children's foot is formed, it is very important that footwear did not provoke flat-footedness.


1. Begin to select footwear as soon as he begins to stand independently for the kid. The closed space which creates footwear promotes formation of foot and further a correct posture. For kids five-year-oldageup to one better to choose orthopedic footwear for prevention of flat-footedness.

2. Bend a sole in hands, it has to be bent easily at the beginning of a foot, at the thumb basis, but not in the middle. There is a rule: the less child, the more thinly and more flexibly there has to be a sole. In good footwear there is a rift from a heel to a sock, in it the child will not stumble and fall. The sole has to be corrugated and not slide.

3. Choose children's footwear with a wide sock that fingers were not compressed.

4. Select footwear with a heel. The heel does not allow the child to be filled up back and forms gait.

5. Squeeze big and index fingers a footwear back, it has to be a little rigid and it is good to fix a heel. With an open heel of a sandal it is possible to carry only after four years. Treats also slaps.

6. Choose footwear with the cleaning-up and easily erased insole consisting of several layers and punched.

7. You look at material of which footwear is made. It is better if it is from natural materials – textiles, skin, suede. In such footwear the leg easily breathes. If footwear exudes a pungent smell, so it is made of low-quality materials.

8. Correctly pick up the size. The distance from a finger of foot of the child to edge of a boot has to be to one and a half centimeters. Between a back and a heel there has to pass the finger. This allowance is necessary in order that at a step of stop it could be extended. It is possible to circle a contour of foot of the child to a visit of shop. Having put the insole which is cut out from paper to an outer edge of footwear, define whether this size will suit your child. Do not buy footwear for growth, in it the leg dangles, and the child can dislocate it.

9. Observe how the child goes. If footwear dangles on a leg, is displaced aside, then surely change it.

10. Good children's footwear expensive. However you should not save on footwear, health of the child depends on it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team