How to define an allergy at the child

How to define an allergy at the child

Such disease as allergy, can arise at the person at any age. Especially often it occurs in small children. The bad ecological situation, the wrong introduction of a feeding up, consumption of the products containing a large amount of dyes, preservatives and other chemicals and many other things can cause allergies in the child. It is possible to determine an allergy at the child by some signs.


1. Emergence on a body of the child of rash in the form of small red pryshchichok is a signal for the address to the doctor. Such rash – a strong indication of emergence at the kid of allergic reaction. Most often heat-spots develop on the head, on hips, on a stomach, armpits and also on bends and hands.

2. Allergic rash can develop on cheeks and the child's body in the form of rough spots. Over time they can increase in sizes and inflame. Having noticed such manifestations, do not self-medicate, immediately see a doctor. He will examine the kid and will make the conclusion about existence or absence of an allergy at it.

3. The rash which developed at the child as a result of an allergy, as a rule, is followed by the itch disturbing the kid and in the afternoon and at night. Unpleasant feelings amplify at hit of sweat on it. The rash accompanying an allergy, as a rule, pretty long keeps on a body.

4. Do not try to treat an allergy at the child independently. It can lead to emergence and development of purulent damage of skin due to accession of a bacterial infection. Such complication is connected with features of children's skin: its friability and tendency to puffiness. Besides, protective functions at skin of the child are significantly lower, than at the adult's skin. Therefore at the first suspicions of an allergy immediately show the kid to the pediatrician or the children's allergist.

5. To avoid allergic rashes on skin at the child, provide him the correct care and food. Air more often the room in which he is. Choose the clothes made only of natural fabrics for the kid. In due time change a diaper and do not allow overheating of the baby. Add infusion of a camomile or a train to a bathing bath. And of course, observe a diet of your kid.

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