How to develop independence in the child

How to develop independence in the child

Beyond all doubt, each parent dreams of that his child grew self-assured and independent that he could make decisions and achieved something in life. But in order that and left, it is necessary to think of it in advance.


1. So, to develop independence in the child, you will have to have patience: agree, it is much simpler most to tie fast a lace or to sweep the floor, than to explain and teach how it becomes. And children often seek to comprehend these skills, we should not pushing, to disturb only slightly them.

2. Remember simple rules which will help you to develop independence with the child, and to your kid will help not to grow a hothouse plant.

3. First of all, give it an opportunity to choose from several options, and, does not matter that it will be: what color does it want to put on socks walk or with what juice will decide to wash down bitter medicine?

4. If the kid persistently tries to button on himself a jacket, do not wrest an initiative from him at all, you should not speak also that to do it very easily – just prompt that it will be more convenient to make a little in a different way. Respect its attempts most to cope with tests.

5. Encourage the child most to look for answers to questions: if he already reads, then offer books in which it will be able to find them. If you saw that the kid became interested in something – encourage his dreams: perhaps, he will not become an astronaut, but will remember well as in the childhood with mom or dad it was interesting to it to dream of it.

6. Excessive guardianship will not serve at all that the child grew up independent: if you constantly fill to it a shirt or to say that to it it is harmful – agree, he will get used that there is someone who for it will make everything and will solve. Also try to reduce the word "no" in your communication with the child. It does not mean that it needs to indulge in everything – just before refusing, think: or perhaps there is some compromise? Perhaps in this case it is possible to do without a word which the child and wants to answer with aggression?

7. Believe in the child, his forces, help and support him – and then he will be able to believe in himself.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team