How to teach the kid to talk

How to teach the kid to talk

The ability to speak is one of the most important ways to express the thoughts. All parents try as soon as possible to teach the kid to speak.

In a speech development in the child there are several stages:

  • in 2-3 months begins to reproduce phrases;
  • in 5-7 months of a phrase are said more accurately;
  • in 7-9 months begins to tell short phrases, but they are said without any sense;
  • after nine months begins to pronounce some words consciously;
  • approximately in one and a half years begins to tell short offers, putting in them the sense;
  • and only in two years begins to master the correct speech.

When training the speech the child at first tries to describe what occurs around it. More often he remembers only nouns or actions which are considerably simplified. Generally closer by three years the kid can already divide everything that surrounds him, into bad and good.

If parents are engaged in the child, then in two years he has to be able to explain short words the wishes. Many seek to teach the kid to speak as soon as possible. For this purpose there are several simple rules:

  • First of all, it is necessary to talk to the child from first seconds of life. During these moments he catches only one intonation, but the lexicon at the same time can collect in subconsciousness.
  • The child cannot give a dummy often. As a rule, the children accustomed to a dummy begin to speak much later others. Besides the wrong bite can be created that considerably will weight a speech development.
  • It is impossible to distort words. Logopedists strongly recommend not to "lisp" with the child as it considerably brakes a speech development. From parents the child has to hear only the correct pronunciation of words.
  • It is necessary to tell constantly the child as each subject is called. It has to correlate words and objects in mind. Especially if the kid points a finger at a certain thing, it is necessary to speak to him as it is called.
  • It is required to read to the child many books, especially with bright pictures. It promotes expansion of a lexicon. If it began to be interested in books, it is necessary to enter reading into a daily routine.
  • It is always necessary to explain to the kid value of new words by means of those words which he already knows.
  • That the child learned to speak the whole offers, it is necessary to ask him many questions, thereby creating dialogue.

Thus, the kid will quickly learn to explain the thoughts aloud if parents daily observe simple recommendations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team