How to develop the speech to the child in 4 years

How to develop the speech to the child in 4 years

The lexicon of the child in 4 years makes about 150-200 words. At this age children, as a rule, can tell about themselves: the name, a surname, the address and also freely to answer questions of adults. The speech does not develop in itself, it is necessary to work on pronunciation and storing of new words and their values purposefully.

Work on the correct pronunciation

The child of four years not always pronounces words correctly. Some sounds are swallowed, and others - are replaced. In work on the correct pronunciation the example of parents is important. In communication with the kid it is necessary to speak as equals, but not to imitate the wrong children's speech. Once a day it is necessary to carry out articulation gymnastics and exercises together with the child: to stretch lips in a smile, to open widely a mouth, to lift and lower language, to hiss as a snake and to growl as a tiger cub. The kid needs to spell words difficult to pronounce.

It is necessary to communicate with the child at the level of his eyes that he saw that you listen carefully to it, and along with it to it it will be noticeable how you pronounce each word and a sound separately.

Enrichment of a lexicon

The main work on assimilation of new words will be carried out to time of your ordinary communication with the child. Talk on interesting subjects, explain values of new words. You can consider children's books and magazines together with the kid. Ask it to call objects which are represented on the picture. The big contribution to replenishment of a lexicon is made by subject pictures, in them heroes perform any operation. Try to describe the event which is taking place on the picture, using words, new, earlier unknown for the baby.

One more game method is called "Day of a new word". Every morning, for example, on the way to a garden, you will acquaint the child with a new word. Tell about it, show if it is possible, and in the evening, it is necessary to check, well or badly the child remembered this word.

Development of the spontaneous speech

It is one of the most difficult types of the speech. In perfection children master the spontaneous speech to receipt in school.

Communication by phone contributes to the development of the spontaneous speech. Ask someone from relatives to call you and give a tube to the kid. In phone call the child will learn to support a conversation.

The complexity of the spontaneous speech depends not only on external conditions i.e. where and with whom the conversation, but also from speech opportunities of speaking is carried on. There are entertaining ways of development of the spontaneous speech. You can change over for the child where it asks questions, monitors your speech. To you in the help also improvised games, outgaming of situations, such, as "On reception at the doctor", "At a table", "In shop". And any occupation of kids - playing of a plot of the favourite fairy tale.

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