How to disaccustom the child to swear

How to disaccustom the child to swear

Foul language - an unpleasant thing. If rough words are pronounced by the child. Only also remains to parents what to be surprised - from where he it picked up? The child can overhear rough expressions, anywhere - in a garden, in the yard, from adults, even from parents. Admit, sometimes you dare to say roughly and do not notice it. But not the child - all new affects him as a magnet, and he tries to check everything in practice. Including new words.


1. Strictly tell the kid when you hear foul language: "In our family nobody uses such words! Never say such ugly words". If the child was five years old, such suggestion has to work. In this age at kids the idea of ethics begins to be formed. In response to a remark you risk to hear: "And why this word ugly? It is pleasant to me!" or "And I heard this word from dad!" Be ready to show resourcefulness, imagination, sharpness here - anything if only to prove to the child that a mat - not for little children. It is necessary to lead a preventive discussion with the spouse and other family members who dare to swear at the child.

2. Curses - a special type of disobedience. Especially, if the child is already 6-7 years old. At this age children know that rough words anger mom, but they say them specially to draw attention. Think why the child tries to draw attention in so sophisticated way. Perhaps, you give it time insufficiently?

3. Control communication of the child with television. Often rough words appear from the TV. Especially, if they are said by "really cool hero". The kid can be keen on the negative character or the real person. "Here Serega - the real hero! It has a motorcycle and tattoos!" Familiar history? The courageous image of any of "serega" can attract the kid, and, respectively, it begins to adopt habits of this person including speech. Control a circle of contacts of the kid.

4. Observe in what situations the child most often swears: when something is impossible to him and it for it is reproached. Swearing, he tries to confirm - "Yes, nothing is impossible to me. And all of you do not understand me and do not love!" Also the child can swear out of revenge, from desire to escape from under parental guardianship. The reasons can be different.

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