How to disaccustom to bite lips

How to disaccustom to bite lips

Formation of addictions begins with the childhood. Such of them as, for example, a habit to bite lips, arise at children when they try to get rid of any irritant or just imitate adults.


1. The habit to bite lips can be caused by the injuring situation and if at once not to pay attention to it, then it will turn into chronic and will pursue the child for the rest of the life. Find out the reason of psychological discomfort of the kid. Analyze after what event you for the first time noticed that the baby began to bite lips. Perhaps after the quarrel between parents, or something happened in kindergarten. Anyway, to development of a habit to bite lips, sometimes – till it bleeds, the stress preceded. Find a stressful factor and try to eliminate it.

2. After that make so that it was unpleasant to child to bite lips. For this purpose grease his lips with lotion or cream, distasteful. At the same time consider that means for greasing should not cause additional discomfort, for example – burning sensation. Otherwise it will become an additional stressful factor for the child. In addition, as soon as you noticed that the kid began to bite lips – distract him. Give him sosatelny candy, it will occupy him for a certain time. Or suggest to eat something. The main thing – constantly watch its actions.

3. Sometimes not only children have this addiction, but also quite mature people. The constant pokusyvaniye of lips is connected with the fact that because of deficiency of vitamin A (Retinolum) the skin on them becomes dry, there is desire to tear off teeth the dried crusts. In such cases grease lips with the ointment containing Retinolum.

4. Never punish the child if noticed at him a habit to bite lips. Remember that it arose not just like that, out of the blue. To all there are reasons. According to psychologists that the habit strongly took roots, will be required three weeks. If you during this time manage to understand the reasons and to eliminate them or learn to switch attention of the child – you will save it from an addiction once and for all.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team