How to distinguish Cancer from others

How to distinguish Cancer from others

Zodiac sign Cancer belongs to water elements. To distinguish Cancer among other people, it is necessary to pay attention to external differences, behavior and its priorities.


1. Externally Cancers can be distinguished in the following parameters. The face at Cancers is large, to the acting superciliary arches and high cheekbones. Eyebrows can grow together on a nose bridge, forming not disappearing fold which gives to the face some identity. Usually at Cancers the lower jaw and the small, widely placed eyes is put forward.

2. At Cancers of a hand and leg big shoulders, and an upper torso massivny are longer concerning a trunk, than lower. At Zhenshchiny-Raka or full, or very small breast (the average size is excluded).

3. The behavior of Cancers also differs from other zodiac signs. Rak – the most careful of all signs. The easiest way to distinguish the representative Rak from others - to watch how he achieves the objective. Planning the actions, he will try to count all probable options, to weigh everything pros and cons. It allows Rak to try to obtain success in the affairs unmistakably.

4. The impulsiveness is unusual for crayfish, they are sometimes subject to sharp changes of mood. Cancer can take offense or become angry for no apparent reason, and then, having calmed down, to forget about everything. Men Cancers often are selfish natures which cannot be overpersuaded.

5. Rak's house is a place where to it it is quiet and cozy. Rak can visit though the whole world, but he will not feel such happy, as in own house anywhere. The woman Rak likes to equip the dwelling. Purity and accuracy in the house is its main priority.

6. Cancers are the people constrained in wastes of money, economical and rather thrifty. Cancer can work in various areas, especially in trade, the food industry, the real estate, banking. Its creative party of the personality can be shown in professions which are connected with art: design, photo, music, literature.

7. The goodwill, tranquility, compliance, politeness, fine manners is inherent in male crayfish. If communication with them mutually friendly, then they answer with the gallant relation, and with close people the male part of this sign proves to be gentle and careful. If the man Rak has hobby, then he will spend all free time and money for it.

8. Female crayfish differ in hypersensibility, romanticism and sentimentality. They are rather sensitive because of the impressionability: severe looks, gestures and verbal attacks, can strongly wound them.

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