How to distinguish pregnancy without tests

How to distinguish pregnancy without tests

Each woman differently feels pregnancy. Someone can understand and feel that she is pregnant, literally in several days after conception, someone learns about it only weeks later four on reception at the doctor. But, after all, there is a number of symptoms on which it is possible to distinguish pregnancy without tests and the help of the expert.


1. First of all it is necessary to pay attention to appetite. If flavoring addictions changed, constantly there is a wish salty (sweet), to some food and smells the disgust appeared, so the probability that you are pregnant is high.

2. In addition analyze the mood. Whether the kind mood during the day remains, or continually you become irritable or whining? The unstable mood often is the constant satellite of many pregnant women women.

3. Examine the breast. What can you tell about it? If you noticed swelling and a mild pain in mammary glands is a sure sign of fertilization. In total with it there can be vomiting in the mornings, urination increase, absent-mindedness and fast fatigue. Besides constantly there is a wish to sleep irrespective of time of day.

4. In case all above-mentioned (or at least a little from them) symptoms are present, remember finally when you had the last periods and whether there was an unprotected sexual intercourse. If the delay, a conclusion are available at you – you is pregnant. We congratulate as it is one of the greatest periods in life of each woman!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team