How to estimate health of a fruit on its stirs

How to estimate health of a fruit on its stirs

Approximately in the middle of pregnancy, on the term of 20 weeks, the primipara woman for the first time begins to feel stir of the child. This feeling, inexpressible on force of emotional perception, which is compared, however, to touch of wings of a butterfly or is more prosy: with the movement of gases in intestines. At first stirs absolutely easy, but already very soon it will be quite notable pushes.

When there are first movements of the child

The muscular system is rather developed on the 8th week of development of an embryo and future person begins to do the first movements. Of course, on such small term of pregnancy they still cannot be felt. Women of asthenic type of a constitution, especially povtornorodyashchy, speak about notable stirs of the child beginning about 13-14 weeks of pregnancy, generally stir of a fruit becomes notable about 15-16 weeks for povtornorodyashchy and from 20th week for primipara women. 

When the child moves

Future kid can turn over, move handles and legs, to rotate the head, to suck an umbilical cord or a finger, even to somersault so far places in a uterus enough. It is considered to be that the child moves when is awake. Also the kid can react with intensive dvizhniya to the sweets eaten by the pregnant woman. However strong sharp pushes have to guard future mom, such behavior of the kid can speak about discomfort also. For example, the pregnant woman lay down or sat up, or in the room is stuffy or smoked - in these cases excessively active stir is probable reaction to insufficient intake of oxygen to a fruit. To help the kid, it is necessary to slightly open a window, having provided inflow of fresh air.

If the hyperactivity of the child is connected with long stay of mom in a sitting position, it is necessary to walk a little, it is desirable in the fresh air to provide inflow of blood to bodies of a small pelvis that, in turn, will provide placentary blood with oxygen. And, of course, will speak to excessive about that, stay of mom in the room filled with tobacco smoke is how harmful to the kid. Even passive smoking is very dangerous to the growing fruit as the poisons getting into blood can lead to a number of diseases, pathological conditions and malformations of the child. 

What number of stirs of a fruit is norm

In the second trimester of pregnancy when already all future mothers feel movements of the kids, still it is impossible to speak about any regularity and standard of number of stirs of a fruit as the child is still too small and mom sozht not always to feel his movements. In the third trimester, from 28th week of pregnancy, by quantity and intensity of stirs it is possible to judge health of the kid already. For this reason in certain cases the gynecologist observing pregnancy can appoint special testing to count the number of stirs and in time pridprinya necessary measures for maintaining health of the child. 

What is Pearson's test

The test by Pearson's method is the most popular method of the analysis helping the obstetrician-gynecologist to draw conclusions about health of the child in mother's womb today. Pearson's method is called ""Count up to 10"". For calculation of stirs of a fruit the doctor issues to the pregnant woman the special table on which are displayed numbering of weeks from 28 to 40 and time from 9:00 till 21:00. Mom begins to read out stirs of a fruit from 9 o'clock in the morning. Having felt the tenth stir, mom notes this time in the table a cross and this day does not consider any more. If during from 9 in the morning to 9 o'clock in the evening the pregnant woman feels less than ten stirs, then their quantity specifies in the lower part of the table and after 21 hour this day does not consider any more. Testing is held daily from 28th week of pregnancy. 

By the same principle the methods of Cardiff and Sadovski directed to calculation of movements of a fruit for a 12-hour period work. 

What to do if the child is too active or does not move during the long period

The pre-natal hypoxia of a fruit begins with strengthening of physical activity of the child therefore if the kid moves more actively, than earlier, try to change position of a body or to take a walk in the fresh air. The long hypoxia can lead to decrease of the activity of a fruit. If you found it, try to have a bite or take a warm shower. Usually died these enough. And if the child behaves too uneasily or, on the contrary, within several hours is not heard from - it is an occasion to see immediately a doctor who will give accurate instructions how to work with the pregnant woman in such situation. 

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