How to explain to the child as children appear

How to explain to the child as children appear

Approximately at the age of 3-4 years the kids begin to ask a question as they were born. The child already understands what before him was not that mom and dad lived some. Therefore also concerns him from where it undertook. At the same time it is necessary for parents ready to be detailed to tell the kid about his origin.


1. Of course, it is not necessary to go into details. The child at this age just will not understand them. Besides often children lead in a conversation, and want to hear the answer to them. Sometimes they do not need detailed answers at all. Therefore at a conversation be guided by inquiries and age of the child.

2. It is good if parents together are able to explain to the kid so delicate question. Answer the child sincerely, begin the narration with how you got acquainted what feelings were had. Tell about how you got married. Let "love" and "tenderness" will be keywords in your story. Explain that when the adult man and the woman love each other, they want to live together and to have children.

3. Then smoothly pass to conception. For kids 3-4 summer age there will be enough story from what father's "sunflower seed" connects to mother's and gets into a tummy. There gradually the kid and when time to be born to it comes grows, mom goes to the doctor, and it gets the baby from a mother's stomach. Kids can not interest how father's "sunflower seed" gets to mom as the doctor gets the kid. If the child does not ask, it is not necessary to load him with too large volume of new information. Time will come, and the kid himself will return to this question.

4. With the senior children it is possible to look through together the children's encyclopedia where features of the structure of a body of both sexes will be specified. Tell the child as genitals of the man and woman are called. Now it is possible to explain conception process in more detail. Begin with the fact that at dad spermatozoa are formed, or "tadpoles" who get to mom into a stomach through a shchelochka and there unite to an ovum. The little man who begins to grow is as a result formed and in nine months it is ready to be born.

5. Usually children after such answers quite satisfy the curiosity. Therefore it is not necessary to hesitate to speak with the kid on similar subjects. It is absolutely normal. Let the child know the mystery of the origin from you better, than from peers at the playground or in kindergarten.

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