How to explain to the small child from where children undertake?

How to explain to the small child from where children undertake?

Modern children, thanks to the developed industry of mass media, learn about the relations between the man and the woman early enough. However it does not mean that it is necessary to entrust education of the child in such delicate question as the birth of children, to the TV and the Internet. Parents have to be ready to an explanation of this process by means of simple and available words.

Correct approach

In terms of psychology, the early interest of children in how they were born, is absolutely normal and natural. But, unfortunately, many parents who did not receive in the childhood of the correct sexual education about it not only do not find it necessary to answer children's questions, but also are indignant with similar inquisitiveness. As a result, the child develops in himself the first complexes and shame for the fact that he asked something wrong that forced parents to become angry on him. However, modern parents more often try to impart to the children understanding that conception and the birth are completely healthy and natural processes, at the same time educating them on this subject most carefully and accurately.

The correct sex education allows to prevent early teenage pregnancy and development of an inferiority complex in future teenager.

First of all, at an explanation of appearance of children on light, does not need to lie and compose a story about stay in cabbage or generous storks – the child has to receive undistorted understanding of a question. Otherwise, it peers who received more exact and truthful explanation at least can ridicule. If parents cannot be at the correct loss for words, it is better to entrust this delicate mission to the psychologist who will manage to inform of the description of process the child, without having injured his mentality colourful descriptions or silly epithets.

Correct explanation

If the child asks how he was born, it is not necessary to grab defiantly a bottle with Corvalol and to say to him that it still small for such sacral knowledge. Also it is impossible to shame the child for curiosity at all or to laugh the matter off – after such "answers" children or consider the sexual relations shameful or ridiculous, or begin to study a question independently or by means of strangers. Therefore first of all it is necessary to keep full calm, to show adequate emotions and not to translate a subject as the child all the same will return to it – only without participation of parents.

If the child himself comes with a similar question, it means only one – he for the present completely trusts parents that is very important for its further growing near them.

It is very important to answer the child, considering his age – so, to children to three-year age often happens rather short answer "are born". More adult children already show the active inquisitiveness which is supported with the mass of questions in this plan therefore the similar answer will hardly satisfy them. First of all, it is necessary to explain to them that mom and dad fell in love with each other, wanted the baby who nine months of dews at mom in a tummy, and was born then in maternity hospital. If desired it is possible to resort to specialized children's literature where conception and the birth of children is presented in the form of simple and clear pictures – however at the same time it is desirable to avoid too detailed anatomic illustrations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team