How to facilitate adaptation of the child in kindergarten

How to facilitate adaptation of the child in kindergarten

If the child goes to kindergarten for the first time, then it will be for it the severe stress and blow as a separation from the house and mom - the most terrible for it. During this period it is extremely important to help the kid to adapt in the new environment with strangers. Only parents and family will be able to help it to be adjusted and avoid correctly a set of fears and inconveniences.


1. Training of the child for kindergarten begins to it. It is worth going more often with the kid to the playground and to play with other children. It is necessary that children as often as possible changed a house situation and spent more time with other people, adapted to society.

2. It is necessary to teach the child to play the general toys, to share the and to change them. And also to communicate with other children, to get acquainted and be represented. Only one question ""what is your name?"" already breaks many barriers in communication. For a start parents can begin to ask names of other children on the platform, and then to connect to it the kid. It will allow it to avoid the numerous conflicts, constraint and fears.

3. It is desirable to play with the child in kindergarten houses and in role processes to show what is done by the teacher what tasty porridge is cooked by the cook as cheerfully to children to play and be engaged in a garden. Also in words it is worth speaking of process of stay in kindergarten only in a positive key. The child has to have exclusively positive ideas of the first educational institution.

4. Prior to the beginning of academic year it is possible to take a walk with the kid several times at estimated kindergarten, to explain to him that here it will play with other children, to be engaged and will get acquainted with tutors. If there is such opportunity, then to come on the territory and to play on a verandah or in a sandbox. The first preliminary acquaintance to a situation and the area considerably will facilitate feelings of the child when he already really goes to a garden.

5. Accustom the child to the mode of kindergarten to a campaign there. It is very important and necessary point. Many children do not sleep at home in a quiet time, do not eat on the mode, walk late at night. And in kindergarten face the established rules to which it is necessary to adhere. The kid can not understand why he has to go to bed in the afternoon if he it does not do long ago the house. So in a month or two prior to the beginning of academic year it is necessary to introduce houses the rule of ""quiet time"" better when there passes the quiet time in a garden. Also to introduce the regime of rise and departure for sleeping. The child who is waking up at 10 in the morning will not be able to wake up quietly at 7 in the morning to go to a garden. It will entail the mass of hysterics, a stress and tears. The mode of the house has to be as close as possible to the garden mode.

6. It is worth leaving the child in kindergarten gradually and slowly. For a start it is possible to leave the kid only for 2-3 hours that he got acquainted with a new situation, the tutor and the nurse. It is already necessary to increase and leave hours till a lunch further. At the same time it is necessary to look as the child in a garden behaves. You should not hurry and increase time of stay in establishment better slowly, each 2-3 days. And only when the child without problems remains for lunch and on a quiet time, it is possible to try to leave it for full day.

7. It is impossible to drag out process of farewell to the child in a garden in the mornings. It upsets the kid only even more and provokes more tears. Children always feel a spirit of mom and her readiness most to burst out crying. So it is the best of all to embrace, kiss strong the child and to tell that you will take away him after walk, after a lunch or after a dream. Then at once to go and not to look to windows. If the child notices at the building of a garden of the parent who is nervously looking in group windows it will only aggravate mood of the kid.

8. Never deceive the child and you do not say that ""soon behind him you will come"". It can mean for him ""soon"" ""will come in 5 minutes, in 1 hour itd"". And actually the parent will take away only him after a lunch. Such expectation is very painful for children and they to hope every minute and wait that just about mom will take away it. It is better to tell firmly that you will return behind it right after a quiet time. Then the kid understands approximate time when come for it. It is impossible to be late or come later only at all. Such deception strongly injures mentality of children and their confidence is undermined.

9. You should not abuse the child in kindergarten at other children or tutors. And also to threaten it that now you will leave it and you will leave if he does not stop crying and going into hysterics. You for it a support, the center of the earth and the Universe. From parents he waits only for support, care, attention and understanding. Crying in a garden - it is normal.

10. Never encourage single visit of the child of kindergarten. A phrase ""You descend in a garden and I will buy you chocolate for it"" will lead only to the fact that the child will begin to manipulate parents over time and to constantly wait for any gifts for quite ordinary event - a visit of kindergarten. The child has to understand that kindergarten - it it is constant the venue of time to school, it is new, but quite normal, usual and logical stage in his life to which he has to get used.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team