How to facilitate the period of adaptation to school

How to facilitate the period of adaptation to school

Till September first when your child for the first time crosses a threshold of school remains very little. For the little first grader educational everyday life will begin. Help the child to adapt to school life: to long classes, accurate daily routine, new collective.


1. If your child never attended kindergarten, it will be difficult for it to get used at the same time to big new collective and to classes. Try that the child communicated to peers in time which remained before school.

2. The increased fatigue and vulnerability is peculiar to first graders. The child is tired of the increased emotional saturation of lessons and actions, of visit of an after-school care. School life demands from the child of discipline, organization, responsibility, enters him into strictly rated world of the relations. The best action "disciplining" and strengthening an organism is regular physical activities. Try to resemble before school together with the child in sports club. It is better if you choose the sports demanding patience and multiple exercises: swimming, diving, run. If the child learns to cope with sports loadings, then it will be easier for it to get used to study. More often be to the child in the fresh air. Do daily gymnastics and hardening.

3. That the child could adapt quicker to school, he needs to be rather independent. Try to sponsor less the child, giving him an opportunity to independently make decisions and to be responsible for them. Charge him some household chores that he learned to do the work without your help.

4. Be engaged with the child to school. Carry away him the developing games. Painting book coloring pencils, collecting the designer, the child trains a hand for the letter. Talk to the child, you teach it to answer in detail questions, to share the impressions, to compare the phenomena and objects and to draw independent conclusions. Teach the child to take an independent stand, own opinion, without being afraid to state it. By the time of receipt in the first class he has to own the main skills and to abilities demanded from the first grader that the first school months were not for it such difficult.

5. At school the child becomes extremely dependent on opinion, the relation and assessment of other people (teachers, parents, peers). It is very good if he shares with you the experiences. Listen to the child; support and encourage him at a difficult moment. If something is impossible as it is necessary, do not abuse. You teach the child to overcome patiently difficulties, surely moving to a goal.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team