How to feed the child and to lose weight

How to feed the child and to lose weight

Researches show that in an organism of the pregnant woman new fat cages in the last three months are formed. Each new pregnancy creates a new fat reserve, protecting mother and the child from hunger. Additional blood and liquid are after the delivery removed from an organism, and fat accumulates on a stomach and hips. It explains difficulties of weight loss after the delivery.


1. You do not hurry to return the weight in which you were before pregnancy. Wait about six weeks, during this time you will be able to be restored after the delivery, the lactation will be established, otherwise physical activities and diets can lead to reduction of breast milk.

2. Plan to yourself the realistic purpose – to reach the weight when you were an adult woman, but not the young girl or a certain clothing size.

3. Move as much as possible, gradually extending walks up to 45 minutes for once. Our body is programmed on a certain number of movements. It is possible to walk with a carriage or a baby sling. Gradually getting used to loadings, you will find a habit to move, improve health, you will reduce stress level. Try to stand more, than to sit, so you burn more calories. Speaking by phone, you do not sit in place, you go.

4. Try to eat regularly and more often, but in the small portions. Do not resort to radical diets which can strengthen feeling of hunger and affect quality of milk.

5. Eat it is balanced, choosing useful products. Do not miss meals, differently an organism, having received a signal, will begin to do fat stocks, slowing down a metabolism. Do not use the diuretics and nutritional supplements reducing appetite.

6. Drink as much as possible water, to 10 glasses a day.

7. Do not think of weight, pay attention to how your body changes as the clothes sit on you as the endurance increased. Represent yourself in good shape.

8. Remember that when breastfeeding about 600 calories a day therefore during this period most of women lose weight, especially are spent when the kid is from three to six months old. Physicians confirm that the mothers feeding with mixes of the kids and keeping to a diet dump less kilograms, than normally eating women nursing. When breastfeeding it is possible to dump the fat stocks which are saved up before pregnancy.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team