How to feed the child lying

How to feed the child lying

Guarantee of successful breastfeeding - the correct position of mother and child during feeding. There are many options of poses for breastfeeding – lying, sitting or standing, with use of supportive applications or without. Today it will be a question of feeding lying. This way is very convenient when feeding the child from the first day of life.

It is required to you

  • pillow


1. The first option – lying on a hand. The kid lies on a hand at mom, mom holds him that it lay on one side, but not on a back with the turned head (so it is heavier to child to swallow). Mom can enclose under the head or under shoulder pillow. One more option of such pose is not to put the child on a hand. The kid just lies nearby, and mom holds him under a back. It is a classical pose for feeding lying.

2. The second option – lying on a pillow. When the classical pose in perfection is mastered, it is possible to try a breast. It is the for this purpose most convenient to put the kid on a pillow, surely supporting under a back.

3. The third option – a jack. Very unusual and, at first sight, inconvenient pose. Legs of the kid are turned towards the mother's head. Such pose will help at formation of stagnation of milk with the top shares of a breast.

4. And the fourth option – the Australian pose or "phone". Mom lies on a back, the child from above. Many also consider this pose inconvenient, but in certain cases it is irreplaceable. For example, at too strong stream of milk when the kid cannot cope with it.

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