How to fight against deviations in behavior of children

How to fight against deviations in behavior of children

Children are different: sociable and modest, mobile and quiet, talkative and not really. One study comes easily, to others with a scratch, at the third absolutely it is impossible to catch up with schoolmates. And business here not in mental capacities is frequent. A lot of things depend on features of character of the child and his behavior.

Deviations in behavior of the child involuntarily influence his communication with peers, for study and for formation of character. It is necessary children with difficult behavior not easy in society. And many understand it and, first of all, suffer from it. Independently they cannot cope with the problems therefore the task of the adult is to reveal them and to help to get rid of them.

Aggressive children become more often than others derelicts among schoolmates. Though the actions they, perhaps, try to take roots in society. Here it is important to understand the reason of aggressive behavior. If it deviations in mental development, then consultation of the expert and also the subsequent work with the child is necessary.

If behind aggression it is worth only desire to be approved, then it is necessary to teach to be respectful respect for others. Not to pull out from hands of another that it is necessary for it, and to ask; not to push away off the road, and to bypass carefully. It is necessary to explain how it is necessary to communicate, teach to operate emotions. It is not bad to try some time to behave with the child as he treats others. At first it is surprising, then discontent and understanding and understanding of the mistakes comes only to the last turn.

Happens that aggressive behavior that other as an example from family. Therefore parents need to look at themselves more often whether they are guilty of such behavior. Also it is not admissible to punish the child for aggression physically at all. It generates new splashes in a negative, aggravates a situation. Besides, it deprives of the last chance to reach the child by means of words.

Children who lie are not glad to themselves. Initially the lie comes as disposal. That is the child, being afraid for consequences of made, does not tell the truth. Naturally, it works and begins to practice periodically. But through some time the lie so strongly enters daily occurrence that the child himself ceases to understand where the truth and where fiction. Here already the real problem is. It is possible to solve it if the child understands that events can develop not according to its scenario. It is necessary to inform it that for the truth what it would not be the punishment will optional follow. Let he will understand that his fears are wrong, and parents are ready to support him in any situation.

The shyness of the child can be the real problem both for him, and for people around. Here it is impossible to stop at nothing, involving the child in situations, awkward for it. Thus not to get rid of shyness, and here it is possible to aggravate a situation. The only thing that - it is impossible to allow the child to shirk his duties because of his pathological modesty. He has to know that for it nobody will perform its work.

It is possible to get rid of shyness, having found out why the child hesitates how to make his communication with people more comfortable. It is necessary to learn what disturbs the child. It is necessary to work carefully, step by step getting rid of shyness.

Hysteria of the child rather widespread problem forcing parents to lose self-control. The essence of the rolled-up hysterics is in achieving the desirable. It is a shame to parents with behavior of the child and many prefer to fulfill the requirement of the wretch. The objective is achieved, and the method is adopted. Until adults do not cease to indulge the hysterical child, such behavior will not stop.

The only sure method is not to pay attention to a hysterics. In general. It is not important whether the child on a floor or in a pool lies, whether is up against a blank wall or just squeals. It is possible to be developed and leave not to feed own irritation. As soon as the child understands that she will not achieve wishing by such method, the hysterics will come to naught. By the way, the speech goes not only about children of kindergarten age here. With such behavior also teenagers sin.

Children fidgets are very not sure of themselves. All their fussiness and mobility is directed to paying as much as possible attention to itself. It is necessary for them that they were checked once again, encouraged and praised. Such children need to be accustomed to assiduity and to ability to cope by own efforts with the work. The first progress will inspire the child on further feats. As soon as confidence increases, the child will outgrow the fussiness.

Fighters and "neslushnik" need not a belt as many think. They also lack self-confidence and self-discipline. Such children need to command respect for themselves, through respect of people around. It is necessary to inform them that the loneliness and uselessness are just destiny of those who fight.

At any given moment, each child needs correction of the actions and the behavior can always be corrected. The main thing to notice undesirable actions in time and to exclude excessive authoritativeness at their correction.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team