How to give beet juice to the child

How to give beet juice to the child

It is told about advantage and harm of beet juice much. Curative properties of beet were known in Ancient Persia, it was used in the recipes by Hippocrates. And today beet juice is actively applied in traditional medicine. It eliminates locks, raises hemoglobin and immunity, and the betaine which is contained in beet promotes growth. But it is necessary to give beet juice to the child with care, without breaking a compounding of his preparation at all and following a number of rules on application.

It is required to you

  • For a beet mix: - 350 g of beet; - 2 apples; - 3 carrots.


1. Having a number of useful properties, beet juice can be entered into the child's diet at the age of eight months. But the concentrated beet juice can make sick and even vomiting therefore it is necessary to accustom to it the kid gradually. Besides, it is not really nice to the taste, it is better to use beet juice in the diluted look.

2. Choose a root crop of average size, a cylindrical form for juice. Beet has to be firm to the touch, dark cherry color, without white a streak.

3. Carefully wash up beet under flowing water with a brush, cut off the remains of a tops of vegetable, scald a root crop boiled water and clean. Grate beet on a plastic grater, squeeze out the received weight through two layers of a sterile gauze. It is possible to use the manual juice extractor for preparation of beet juice.

4. Beet juice cannot be given to the child freshly squeezed therefore leave juice to be defended within two hours. Then part with boiled water in a proportion 1:2 or 1:3 (on one part of juice 2-3 parts of water). It is also possible to mix it with carrot and apple juice or broth of a dogrose. Begin to give to the child beet juice from one drop. If no allergic reaction follows, gradually increase volume to one-two teaspoons a day.

5. For children is more senior prepare a beet mix. Properly wash beet and peel it from a skin. Then cut segments and miss via the juice extractor or grate and wring out juice from the turned-out gruel by means of a gauze. Surely leave juice for two hours to be defended.

6. Wash, clean carrots and apples. Prepare from them juice. Then mix all three juice and carefully stir. The following proportion of juice is recommended: 50 g of beet, 50 g of carrot and 70 g apple.

7. Beet juice is an effective remedy for treatment of cold. Prepare juice from beet, mix it with boiled water in a proportion 2:1 (on 2 drops of juice 1 drop of water). Dig in 2-3 times a day 2 droplets in each nostril.

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