How to knit a suit for the kid

How to knit a suit for the kid

Kids always comfortably and funny look in knitted things, especially, if to pick up interesting model, to choose beautiful yarn and to decorate clothes with decorative elements. Even the beginning needlewoman can knit a suit to the kid.

It is required to you

  • - yarn;
  • - circular needles.


1. Find suitable yarn – let threads will be soft, nice on the touch. Choosing yarn, put it to a cheek – if your feelings are corresponding, then and to the kid will be is comfortable.

2. Define type of your suit. It can be panties and a pullover, overalls on straps and a jacket. That it was convenient to the kid, choose models with a sleeve a raglan – lack of seams which will not press on handles and to rub them, it is necessary. Begin knitting with a mouth – then with growth of the child you will be able to extend sleeves and a bottom of a pullover.

3. Calculate quantity of loops. For this purpose connect a small sample, count quantity of loops in one centimeter. Then measure the child's head, make a stock on several loops and increase an indicator by quantity of your loops. Gain the received quantity of loops on needles, and begin to knit.

4. A mouth knit a free elastic band – the pullover should not adjoin to the child's neck densely.

5. Count quantity of loops for sleeves, backs and shelves. Take away from total number of your loops 8 (they will remain for sleeves a raglan, on two loops on each party). Divide the remained quantity of loops into three – a back, a shelf, two sleeves.

6. Take thread of other color and note lines of a raglan. Knit a jacket around, adding loops along lines of a raglan in every second row. When you reach the level of armpits, remove loops for sleeves on pins. Restore quantity of loops, having gathered them on a working needle, and continue circular knitting. Finish ranks from below, having finished a jacket bottom an elastic band.

7. Knit sleeves – move loops from pins on working needles and knit around to the necessary length of a sleeve. Finish knitting also with an elastic band.

8. Knit panties. Measure a circle of a waist and calculate necessary quantity of loops. Knit several centimeters an elastic band – it will be a belt. Knit each trouser-leg separately, having divided total number of loops into two – circular knitting knit trouser-legs and finish them with an elastic band. Decorate a suit with a contrast binding at the edges of sleeves, a mouth and a bottom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team