How to lower pain when breastfeeding

How to lower pain when breastfeeding

Expecting the child, future mummies storm "The children's worlds", learn to breathe correctly and read "horror stories" about childbirth. But very few people suspect what problems are concealed after the birth of the kid. One of them – pain when feeding. So strong that can threaten breastfeeding.

Nipple pain

For the second or third day after the birth of the kid you can feel an acute pain when feeding. Gentle, unprepared skin of nipples of a breast so strongly is exposed to instinctive sucking of the child that at mummy literally "sparks from eyes". To avoid this trouble, it is recommended to prepare even during pregnancy nipples. For this purpose it is necessary to temper a breast air bathtubs and rubdown by a cube of the frozen broth of oak bark. It is also good to mass nipples after a shower a terry towel, and in a bra to carry linen laying.

One of the frequent reasons of painful feelings in nipples when feeding – the wrong capture of a breast by the child. The kid has to as it is possible to take more deeply a nipple, it is obligatory entirely together with an areola. At the same time his lips – are twisted, – will twist language and when sucking is visible in a mouth corner. The child needs to be pressed densely to a breast and to watch that he did not podsasyvat air. It is necessary to wean the kid correctly too: it is impossible to delay at all! It is necessary to press on a breast or to start to the child the finger in a mouth corner that air got, and only then to remove a nipple.

If after all pain does not leave – it is necessary only to suffer. Clenching teeth. You should wait for 1-2 months until nipples coarsen and will get used to a role, new to them. During this period it is necessary to watch carefully hygiene in order to avoid one more trouble – cracks. The first several weeks surely after each feeding grease nipples with Bepanten - the softening healing ointment which does not demand washing off. It is enough to wash a breast once a day, for the night. Before feeding it is also possible to squeeze out several drops of milk and to moisten a nipple. Sometimes, if cracks after all appeared, silicone overlays for nipples can save you.


Other trouble trapping you – laktostaz. This formation of stagnation of milk in a dairy segment. In a breast the consolidation is formed. Body temperature sharply increases up to 39 degrees. Laktostaz is dangerous that he can develop into mastitis – started laktostaz with an infection and the purulent consolidation deleted surgically. That to avoid it, after each feeding it is necessary to feel a breast. At consolidation detection – to put the child to a sore breast in different poses so that his chin appeared from different sides from a nipple. Then to try to decant the remains of consolidations, warming up a breast with circular motions from the periphery to the center. That it was easier to do it, it is possible to put a hot towel to a breast – channels and clots of milk so will extend it will be easier to remove.


The milkwoman – the disease caused by Candida mushrooms can become one more cause of pain in nipples. Often, the milkwoman proceeds in parallel in a mouth at the child and at mummy on nipples. At the same time nipples become bright pink, bake, when feeding – are painful. At the child the white raid on a uvula, the sky and internal mucous is observed. The milkwoman – a widespread and artful disease which can lead to refusal of the kid of a breast. For purpose of treatment surely address the pediatrician and the gynecologist.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team