How to make a chest with treasures

How to make a chest with treasures

All boys like to play pirates, to carry with themselves a sword and to search the hidden chest with treasures using the map. Make together with the son the offered chest with treasures and figures of little pirates who will move off in searches of a treasure.

It is required to you

  • - cardboard tube
  • - bread knife
  • - thin cardboard from boxes with products
  • - the cardboard which is pasted over with a foil from a box with juice
  • - adhesive tape
  • - foil
  • - PVA glue
  • - gouache or oil paints
  • - old tape lace for boots
  • - puncher


1. For a cover cut off a piece of a cardboard tube 4 cm long. You obchertit one end on thin cardboard. Cut out and cut in half.

2. Slightly flatten a tube. Cut lengthways in half. Straighten one half and paste cardboard semicircles on the ends.

3. For a chest you obchertit the cover basis on the middle of a cardboard box. Add four sidewalls 2 cm high.

4. Press through on red lines. Cut out a pattern and turn it. Unbend walls up. Connect them by an adhesive tape.

5. Paste and press a foil from all directions on a cover and a box of a chest the brilliant party outside. Attach a cover an adhesive tape along long edge.

6. Make old a chest outside dark brown paint, a moist brush. Leave silver gleams. When dries, paste over with a crumpled foil inside.

7. From the box which is pasted over with a foil for juice stamp a coin puncher. Brilliant beads, old jewelry, scraps of chains and tableware from a doll lodge will be treasures.

8. Cut off pieces of old flat shoe laces by the size and paste them around a chest, as shown in the drawing. Fill a chest with your treasures.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team