How to make the astronaut's suit for the child

How to make the astronaut's suit for the child

Your child adores stars and dreams to become the astronaut? Dress up him in almost real space suit on the next morning or a carnival. The astronaut's suit – rather difficult construction, but, having applied imagination and some assiduity, you will be able to make a dress in which your child will surely win a competition on the best carnival costume.


1. It is better to begin production of a suit with a helmet. For this purpose inflate a balloon with the size a little more head of the child. Paste over a sphere with paper scraps – a helmet will be executed in the equipment of a papier-mache. Paper should be coated well with glue and to put in several layers. After the framework becomes rather dense, leave it to dry and you pass to sewing of overalls.

2. It is necessary to sew overalls from silvery or white fabric. To make a pattern, circle usual kidswear – a jacket and trousers and add a little that the suit of the astronaut turned out rather free. In the same way sew big mittens – gaiters.

3. It is possible to decorate overalls with additional "technological" elements: to paste on a breast CD disks, the panel with buttons or even bulbs from the Christmas garland running on batteries.

4. While you worked on overalls, preparation for a helmet for certain dried. A stationery knife cut out in it two circles: one to put on a helmet the head, the second – a window in which the child's face will be visible. Remove the burst ball, and densely wrap up a detail from a papier-mache in a household foil or paint with silvery paint. By means of thin transparent plastic (for example, packings from cake) can be made a helmet more realistic. Cut out the rounded-off visor suitable by the size from plastic and fix it on a helmet.

5. A subject necessary for each astronaut – the rantsevy system of providing behind the back. Take a big box from under footwear, wind it with a foil and attach on an overalls back like a satchel.

6. It is absolutely simple to make boots moon rovers. For this purpose take rubber boots and fix by an adhesive tape on them the same foil.

7. Your suit of the astronaut is ready. Dress up in it the kid, and safely send it to a morning performance "to plow Universe open spaces".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team