How to make the game developing rug for the kid

How to make the game developing rug for the kid

Each mom wants to present the unforgettable moments of joy of knowledge for the treasure. Make for the baby with own hands a game rug on which it will be able to develop handles during the game lying both on a tummy, and on a back.


1. Before making the developing rug for your kid, get for its basis two pieces of bright dense material of various invoices, sintepon as filler and also necessary accessories for design. Equip future place for games in the form of a lodge which needs to be sewn to the basis and to make the unbending openings. Then cut through fabric for the opening windows.

2. Decorate the developing rug for children production of various birdies, fir-trees, machines, florets, butterflies. In order that it well kept, sew from the back party of windows of a velcro that they could be opened and it was more interesting to child to play.

3. Include the imagination that the kid could develop the tactile sensitivity. And that where he turned, something new would come across to him and curious to which it is possible to touch and feel with ease. For example, gold month on a dark blue velvet, etc.

4. Try not to forget also about fine motor skills. Remember that all characters on a rug have to have eyes, noses, mouths, handles and legs from different materials. As jewelry for a fir-tree use beads and buttons which can be twisted.

5. Sew to a rug a floret with different petals that they could be considered and distinguished on color. Inside insert the rustling cellophane - very much it is pleasant to kids when it crackles in toys. On a butterfly scribble a lightning for fastening and unfastening.

6. Remember that all details should not be too small and make threat for health of the kid. Try to make the developing rug only of materials, safe for the child. Take a rope, put on it different beads, rattles and buttons. Then sew it at the edges so that the kid could move freely toys as actions during the game will allow the child to develop muscles and also coordination of work of hands and eyes.

7. Further connect among themselves the developing square elements by means of a detachable lightning or buttons to eyelets for fastening. The developing rug is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team