How to make to the child a dogrose

How to make to the child a dogrose

The dogrose is one of the most useful fruits and is recommended for the use to people of all age, including even babies of half a year. Hips contain the largest amount of ascorbic acid (in 10 times more, than in blackcurrant and in 50 times more, than in a lemon). The dogrose also contains vitamins P, B, K, carotene, pectins, organic acids, tannins, minerals. Broths and infusions from its fruits have the anti-inflammatory, regenerating, haematogenic properties, increase the general resilience of an organism of children and improve a metabolism. Use a dogrose in the form of broths, infusions and teas.


1. The easiest way of preparation of tea from a dogrose is to make it in a thermos. For this purpose integral fruits place in a thermos and fill in with boiled water at the rate of 1 tablespoon of fruits on a glass of boiled water. Then hips insist in a thermos of 6-8 hours. When tea well infuses, it needs to be filtered. Instead of whole it is possibleto use berries crushed. In this case time of insisting is considerably reduced: for preparation of tea 20-30 minutes there are enough.

2. Of course completely to take useful properties from a dogrose, it is better to prepare from it infusion or broth. For production of such broth put 2 tablespoons of the crushed fruits in a glass jar and fill in with two glasses of boiled water. Deliver this to bank in a pan with the boiling water and you hold on a water bath of 15 minutes. Then take out to bank from a pan and cool broth at the room temperature within 45-60 minutes. Wring out through a gauze. It is necessary to accept such broth, observing the dosage appointed by the doctor.

3. Infusion can be prepared by the following method. Place to bank with the hips crushed and filled in with boiled water on a water bath for 30 minutes. Proportions of water and hips the same, as at broth preparation. Without cooling, filter infusion through a gauze and add in it hot boiled water to restore the initial volume of liquid.

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