How to open the children's game room

How to open the children's game room

For certain, you already had to deal with similar rooms in big hypermarkets. Let's tell directly, they strongly facilitate a task to parents who seek to fly about all departments without special delays. And the children's game room in this case is big help: both to parents it is good, and children do not miss. Let's assume, you asked a question of opening of own business in this field.


1. At first decide on hypermarket or shop (considering, naturally, passability).

2. It is necessary to think over in what place of shopping center the game room will become the most favorable to you and the room, comfortable for clients. The best option for you will be to be located near snackbars and cafe. Such option will suit also any family coming to shop.

3. The area of the game room has to equal at least 30 sq.m. Otherwise, you just will have no place to arrange game attractions (hills, trampolines, a labyrinth etc.). Try to consider all nuances: location of a toilet (the room should not be too far from it), height of ceilings, ventilation (air has to be updated constantly), safety of game equipments (they have to be the softest and without acute angles), payment (think over and make the business plan).

4. Rent has to pay off that your business made profit. Therefore, it is the best of all to define a payment for half an hour, so it is more convenient to many parents as not all will begin to see off in shopping center on one or two hours. And payment will turn out not such big that will surely play a role.

5. As for game dresses, it is necessary to get the following minimum, but obligatory set (if you want to make success in the business). It is known that parents with great pleasure will go there where it will be good also to their children. Therefore, existence in the room of a labyrinth with various hills and obstacles inside, a swing and a trampoline (inflatable including) will become the best option. Take care also of seats for those parents who came for the sake of the child here and just want to have a rest while their child with enthusiasm plays. Do not forget about such important trifle as lockers (a rack with cells) for children's things and footwear, a hanger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team