How to organize a holiday to the child

How to organize a holiday to the child

Children very much love holidays and guests with gifts. It is not obligatory to wait for New year or a birthday at all, they are ready to celebrate the day of soap bubbles, a birthday of the Little Red Riding Hood, a victory at a competition of young talents, the holiday of the injured knees, the main thing – that parents it allowed them. If you have an opportunity to please the kid, for example, with the successful termination of school year why not to organize it. As the holiday needs to name, and also to intrigue friends, call it the Holiday Kapitoshki. You are ready?

It is required to you

  • - balloons, soap bubbles;
  • - balls, badminton, jump ropes;
  • - board games;
  • - Whatman paper, paints, office supplies, laces, bow;
  • - pool, clockwork toys, water guns;
  • - prizes;
  • - tape recorder;
  • - sweet treats and gifts


1. Choose warm day when you organize a celebration. It is desirable to hold this event at the dacha, so will be spodruchny more funny. Necessary bring all in advance to be in time with preparation.

2. Kapitoshka is a hero of the animated film, represents a drop with soap bubbles therefore it is necessary to issue a holiday in this style. Decorate space with balloons of white and blue colors, tie them to trees, to bushes, to a gazebo, for example. Now take usual color balls and fill them with water, strong tie a thread - it is and there will be our kapitoshka. Hide these "droplets" on all seasonal dacha. During a holiday suggest children to find heroes of the occasion.

3. A holiday table arrange in a shadow, separately from a table for adults. With you to kids it is dullish, excuse. Dishes have to be easy, tasty, for example fruit in jelly, cookies in the form of amusing figures, unusually decorated cake, ice cream with cream (if at the dacha there is a fridge).

4. Prepare a paddling pool. What holiday Kapitoshki without water? Water guns, floating toys, trigger sprayers and the most important - soap bubbles, the more the better will be necessary for you. Do not forget to warn guests that took swimwears and towels. If there is no opportunity to establish the pool, take the following advice: probably, somewhere in the shed there are a hose and the sprayer for moistening of the soil. Collect a design and fix on a vertical core (the metal rod, a shovel, the long piece of wood which is strong driven in the earth will approach). Kids with pleasure will run under such fountainlet.

5. Take care of music, the ordinary tape recorder or the center will approach. By means of the extender establish music near a table of children. Suggest children to sing songs under a karaoke.

6. Be engaged in preparation of entertainments. Spread out on a racket grass for badminton, big inflatable balls, nets for butterflies, prygalka. It is possible to play a game – "Attach to a Burro a Tail". For this purpose on a leaf of a Whatman paper draw a burro without tail. Connect a tail from laces, on the end hook a bow. At the basis of a tail paste a push pin. All participants of a game have one attempt to attach a tail correctly, the child has to be twisted on the place and blindfold thrust a tail on a Whatman paper. The more true the tail will be hooked, the it is more than chances to win. For such entertainments prepare small prizes - surprises.

7. Gifts. If at a holiday there are parents of friends, discuss with them in advance as well as whom, you will congratulate. For example, your child the round excellent student, you will give him a family gift and will present at the end of a holiday and that will be given by other children and whether it is necessary to do it. Perhaps, each parent will make a surprise to the child not just in connection with study too, and in connection with the holiday Kapitoshki, then costs of the organization of a holiday should be divided into all participants equally. Anyway the holiday will take place on Ur. Your child and all his friends will be madly glad to have fun, children will remember such unusual holiday for a long time and will ask repetitions.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team