How to organize final in kindergarten

How to organize final in kindergarten

The kindergarten is not just the place where look after your child, so far you work. It is very important page in its biographies, a way to be socialized successfully in the future, to learn to count, read and write, to draw and sing, work in team and to be on friendly terms. It is very important that final in kindergarten was bright and memorable, the big and important period in life of the kid comes to an end and begins full of cares, adult school life.


1. Final in kindergarten parents together with teachers arrange. The biggest load is placed on the head of parental committee, heads of groups and the music-master. They in common have to develop the scenario and prepare an official part so that it suited all.

2. Think over registration of the assembly hall. It is possible to decorate it with balloons and also children's hand-made articles. You should not overload too the hall with scenery, however, everything has to speak about solemnity of the moment.

3. You can choose the ready scenario on the Internet, write it or order in the agency on the organization of holidays. The main thing that all official part lasted no more than one and a half hours, differently children will be tired and will begin to be capricious. The scenario can consist of several songs about kindergarten, verses and small sketches. It is possible to study with children new numbers in advance, and it is possible to take already available which were put within a year. The main thing - each kid has to prove to be, tell at least several words, feel the participation in an important event in his life.

4. Organize an exhibition of the best creative works of children - not important whether there will be it drawings, appliques, hand-made articles from plasticine or clay. Each child and his parent with pleasure will find the hand-made article and will note how the kid learned much in kindergarten.

5. At the end of an official part, as a rule, children are given gifts. To each graduate of kindergarten the main thing, a useful gift - a set of office supplies, a case or a satchel cannot wait to sit down at a school school desk therefore it is possible to present beautiful and.

6. Gifts are deserved not only by the children who overcame an important boundary in the life but also those who taught their to much cared and preserved while you were busy - teachers, nurses, cooks and artistic directors. Think of it in advance, even the small gift expressing your attention to them will be pleasant and important.

7. After the celebration organize a tea drinking. You can be distributed culinary duties among parents, and you can order cake or pie in the canteen of kindergarten or cafe. Everything depends on a financial position of most of parents. It needs to be discussed at a meeting and to come to the common decision.

8. The group photo for memory will be excellent addition. Someone from parents can make it by means of the good camera or the photographer of studio. It is also possible to order and issue a beautiful album.

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