How to predict on stars

How to predict on stars

The modern science denies communication between arrangement of stars and planets and the fate of the person. However astrology exists already thousands of years, forecasts of experienced astrologers differ in very big accuracy. But for competent interpretation of a horoscope it is necessary to know a lot of things and to be able. Nevertheless, the simplest analysis of destiny and the future events is available practically to any person.

It is required to you

  • - ZET astroprocessor;
  • - literature on astrology.


1. First of all download the ZET astroprocessor, today it is one of the best programs for astrological calculations. On the website of her author the free version is available. Having installed and having started the program, read the reference guide to it, it will help you to adjust correctly the program and to learn to use it.

2. Construct by means of the ZET program a birth horoscope (the natal chart, radix) the person interesting you. Remember that it is important to know for sure date of birth, up to minutes. Keep the constructed natal chart in the database of the program. Now it is possible to begin the analysis of the birth chart – it allows to learn features of character of the person, his ability, predisposition to any given types of activity, etc.

3. Remember that for the competent analysis it is necessary to know at least bases of interpretation of horoscopes. Namely: to know value of zodiac signs and houses (fields), to be able to determine advantages and weaknesses of planets – stay in monastery, exaltation, exile or in falling. To understand value of the concept "manager". To be able to estimate the natal chart on a general view of location of planets – they can evenly be located, be in the top or lower hemisphere, in left or right, be grouped. Know that the leading planet of a horoscope represents and what impact it has on the identity of the person. To understand aspects of planets and also their qualities and properties. To have an idea of trigona of air, water, the earth and fire and also of crosses – mutable, fixed and cardinal, etc.

4. Analyzing the birth chart, at first estimate a general view of a horoscope. Such moments as location of planets, existence of triangles, squares, oppositions and connections are important. In what sign there is an ascendant is of great importance. Define the leading planet – it has very great influence on character of the person and all his life. Estimate what planets are in crosses and in trigona of elements.

5. Analyze in what houses there are planets, it is the best of all to make entries in the text file at once. Estimate location of planets in terms of their stay in monastery, exile, etc. Already it will allow you to draw important conclusions on character of the owner of a horoscope of the birth, its qualities, material welfare, the sphere of interest, abilities, etc.

6. Study aspects of planets, estimate their influence on the person and his life. Try not to use descriptions from the program – they can be caused if to guide the cursor at the line of the chosen aspect and to click with the right button of a mouse. Create a notebook or the computer file with your own descriptions created on the basis of available literature and your personal observations. It will help you to see a situation at once, but not to be verified every time with data of the program.

7. Remember that in the analysis of a horoscope of the birth there are no uniform rules and standards. There are some general principles, but as a result at each astrologer the personal system of the analysis is formed. Interpretation of the natal chart – creative occupation, in it not only experience, but also an intuition of the astrologer have huge value. The developed intuition allows the astrologer to be connected through a horoscope to information fields and to obtain the necessary information differing in the highest accuracy. But it is very high level, it is reached only by the few experts.

8. Having learned to work with a birth horoscope, study transit horoscopes – they allow to estimate the probability of any given events of the near and distant future. Remember that it is about probabilities, but not about prediction of any given events. In particular, the astrologer will never tell that the person is expected by a serious disease or death – he will only warn that in such time the probability of such negative events is high that gives a chance to avoid them.

9. Try to create strong base of your astrological knowledge at once. If you well understand bases, further it will be much simpler to you to comprehend astrology subtleties. It is possible to find the most various astrological educational literature in the Internet, it will help you to understand rules of interpretation of horoscopes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team